Oleg Cherne http://www.olegcherne.ru/ Fri, 20 Sep 2019 01:55:28 <![CDATA[The Alchemy of the Spirit Book]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/176-integralnaya-alquimia-spirit/ For more than 30 years the author has been immersed into the process of existential thinking. “I have reached this point thanks to the Russian philosopher Lev Shestov, reading him through the lens of masters of existential language like Carlos Castaneda, Victor Sanchez, TatankaYotake, Martin Gashveseoma, Guillermo Valera Arevalo, the Jaguar etc.” he explains.

Having a profound respect for the world of plants, the author has followed a special path: it was one of experiencing and understanding the Third integral field, the field where the spirit of the plants rules. This field surrenders its dominance into the Macrocosm and hands its power to the human spirit and consciousness. Understanding this world of transforming fields was a peculiar experience because its language is complicated and its study is hindered by the views of the multitude.

The authors dwells it this field for more than 25 years under the name of Ben Chelero. However, since a linear language has to be used in its description, the book has been signed under the name of Oleg Cherne.

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<![CDATA[Dzyabyak: bridges]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/168-dzyabyak-bridges/ Book for those, who do not know where to start.

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<![CDATA[Integral alchemy]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/133-integral-alchemy/
The Integral alchemy is a system of knowledge directed at maintaining the high-vibrational states of man by their assimilation and transformation. The system explains the nature of transformation of spiritual strength, a process whose property is not just the observance, but the transformation itself.

The Integral alchemy is a doctrine that continues the teaching of Sri Aurobindo Ghose, a teaching of Integral yoga based on understanding of the development of the measure of rhythm and of its power. It implements the aspects of the development, broached, but not implemented by Aurobindo. Bowing down to the great teacher and his teaching, OLEG TCHERNE develops and deepens the teaching of Integral yoga, transmitting it into a plane of the Integral alchemy.

The basis of the doctrine of Integral alchemy is the regularity in the method of achieving the unity of man, his spiritual nature and a fundamental essence of the world. The regularity is a condition for the liberation from personal limitations and insufficiency of personal code. A basic element for the quality of the teaching is the material foundation of the spirit which liberates us from the superficial and fictional. In other words, the teaching is based on what is manifested, where is implicit the integrity of these three conditions: energy substance, tension setting and experience, together with their connection to the boundary of existence. The doctrine offers a development of consciousness from the position of the assimilation and transformation of higher stages of human evolution.

If a man wants to develop himself, he should look at his development through the prism of space. Otherwise, he will oppose himself to the space, regardless of his current stage of development. The Integral alchemy is a structural body that transforms the temporal nature of man and brings him into contact with the spatial, atemporal model of existence.

Ordering a book

General provisions

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  • The term of release of individual copy of the book is scheduled for November / December 2016, however, the exact dates of the release can't be specified.

Ordering procedure

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  • Each request is submitted to an individual consideration, which may require additional information from your side.
  • In case the request has been approved, the applicant will be required to:
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<![CDATA[The Perfect One]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/86-book-the-perfect-one/ The book goes in print in 2016.

The Perfect One is a book that reflects my 25-year-long experience in teaching and studying women engaged in development. It tells the story of a woman who couldn't fit into the space of life and went through a number of emotional problems, financial difficulties, family issues, unfortunate love… She casts everything aside to free herself from this world but instead gets immersed into it even deeper.

The book discusses issues crucial for each and every woman: health, child birth and child rearing, nutrition, love, relationships with men, and in particular the quest to find the woman in oneself. You will have the opportunity to read about real events and situations that happened to The Perfect One for 25 years.


“The Perfect One” represents the tension of the seventh integral field and is a personal power object.


  • read only in repose;
  • do not eat anything for two hours before and after reading;
  • do not read in a hurried or vain state;
  • do not read field-changing electronic books simultaneously;
  • do not offer your personal copy of the book to other people to read.

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<![CDATA[The Nourishing Power of Crystals]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/34-nourishing-crystals/ One of the versions about human origin states that Man originates from a crystal that produced the first seed. We can hardly speculate what sort of crystal that was. It may have been a crystal structurally similar to amber - this is what the Romans believed or rather Pliny the Elder in particular who determined not only the structure of the crystal but also its aroma. It is possible however that the originating crystal was not a single stone but an entire group of crystals, as John the Apostle claimed that Man was made of twelve crystals forming a thirteenth – Man’s soul.

If we assume that crystals were in fact the first educational forms for Man, we can easily see why man studied the structure of space and started describing space in relation to the structure of crystals. People perceived all surrounding objects as elements influencing space, they believed that specific axes and angles demonstrated how different forms influenced space - a perception similar to people’s perception of crystals. However initially this perception had rather natural and not everyday functions.

The ancient people viewed the world from the perspective of mineralization. And the assumption that Man originated from the crystal meant that Man’s whole life should be examined from the perspective of the crystal. Therefore both Man and his life were related to different kinds of crystal structures.

The origin of the crystals themselves was attributed to Heaven, Earth and Man. On Earth crystals were most commonly linked to water, the sky and the mountains. In relation to the formation of Man though this relationship was examined in connection to certain mountains and crystals. Mountains were viewed from the perspective of the body. The mountain was seen as having both a mythical (i.e. a certain symbolical prototype) and a human aspect.

By the way, the very science studying the crystals has its roots in even earlier times because we know that the Chinese, as well as the Egyptians, conducted various experiments with crystals and stones. A similar attitude towards stones we see also in the Latin American, the Celtic and the Indian cultures. A more sensitive aspect, linked to experience and taste, we find in the Ancient Greeks (Theophrastus), and later in the Romans (Pliny the Elder).

Next, the understanding of the stones fell in line with the unified understanding of the crystal as a philosopher’s stone, i.e. a stone that can generate energy. This notion was probably first established by the Arab alchemists al-Bīrūnī (973 — 1050) and Avicenna (980 — 1037). However much of their work was kept secret by the Sufi mystics. By the way, according to one version, the well-known Grail was in fact a kind of crystal - may be cinnabar or cream of tartar.

In the Middle Ages alchemists also tried to obtain unlimited, infinite energy from crystals. We can easily say that the secret of the crystal structure of the minerals still haunts various researchers, mystics and scholars in spite of the fact that in the beginning of the 20-th century science provided a specific physical explanation of the crystal structure.

1669 is taken as the year when crystallography was created as a science, as a result of the work of Rasmus Bartholin and Nicola Steno who summarized the knowledge of crystals and also gave their own contribution.

The science of crystals itself appeared thanks to the work of the Norwegian scientist Maurice Victor Goldschmidt. His scientific perspective actually brings us back to the initial understanding of crystals as stones with a particular structure. Generally, the science of crystals seemed to treat the stones as living organisms whose behaviour does not differ in any way from the behavioural structure of Man. The only difference is that the energy in the crystal is more perfected and of higher frequency. At this point in time people examined cyrstals from a geometrical perspective - much like in the Ancient times. If we connect this aproach to the Taoist conception, we can say that it functions as the latter’s scientific proof.

Man’s structure is in fact connected to twelve kinds of crystals each of which consists, from an energy perspective, of 7 different parts. Eith of these crystals can transport Man from temporal into extra-temporal space. All of them are united under the common term cinnabar. Inside of them three perfect rhythms exist, which are described with the help of three cyrstals – gold, silver and one other crystal, which corresponds to the particular person (diamond, for example) and links him to jade, i.e. to perfect energy generation.

In this way, the art of turning metal into gold, which we have inherited from the alchemists of the Middle Ages, is the conceptual precondition for trans-crystallization, which may be attributed both to internal nourishment, and to a restructuring of the body itself (in correspondence with the structure of jasper for example or of gold).

This attitude to crystals leads us back in time to the greatest of all great figures – Hermes Trismegistus. He is believed to be the author of the basic notion of perceiving the Great through spatial geometry - following not only the principles of geometric life but also of geometric transformation. Later, on the foundation of this type of perception, Plato introduced the first ideas of the nourishing power of crystals by relating the stones to the five basic vibration groups or bodies, which in fact represent five regular polyhedrons that can generate energy.

Obviously, what we are talking about here is an additional energy source that can be acquired. Plato’s concept can be reduced to the idea of nourishing the soul using as a source the fine processes related to the higher-frequency characteristics of space. By the way, Plato also believed that the same model also lay in the basis of thought.

Nourishing thought is analogous to nourishing geometry, which we will discuss further. Plato emphasized the importance of studying geometry as a transforming substance that could go through 9 stages of transformation. This is a representation of the notion of sphere formation. And since the theory behind the Food of the Future is largely based on the idea of nourishing the mind and using the mind to absorb high-frequency nourishment, Plato emerges as the founder of the idea of nourishing the brain as a means for forming the spirit, the soul.

If we examine Plato’s ideas in depth but also through the perspective of Euclid, we’ll see that in Plato’s time geometry and form were the essence of the same thing – crystallization. In other words crystals – the way we understand them today – were rather part of geometry and were perceived mainly through the perspective of geometry. This served as the basis for formatting space according to the geometry principle, in which space was divided into finite (flat) and infinite (that which has a volume).

Euclid’s essay on figures demonstrates essentially the idea of the classification of space. If we combine this with Epicurus, who contributed greatly to the Gnostic theories, we get a perception that shapes geometry and forms, which is really crucial to understanding the yoga of food since on the high-frequency level there’s no taste but rather perception.

Connecting the conscious effort with perception we get a model of crystal nourishment where the ability to attune ourselves to perception helps create the particular reality, the particular truth we must follow. In other words this is a natural philosophy, which is basic to the understanding of the food of the future – the Yoga of nourishment where we rely on time, space and rhythm that represent for us the various substances and the rules governing the life of matter.

Connecting thought and perception we get the most important truth criterion related to experience. Thus Man becomes capable of consistently perceiving not only temporal but also extra-temporal processes. Extra-temporal processes are constant in nature because they depend on internal transformation only - this in fact is the very essence of crystallization.

A very important aspect of the knowledge we have inherited from Ancient times is the one related to the motion of crystals and their independence on external forces. These ideas were first developed by Hipparchus as early as 200 BC.

Generally, we must say that the doctrine of Menelaus of Alexandria, who linked the notion of geometric shapes and spheres, was seen as rather radical. Presenting his idea of the eight spatial figures, Menelaus of Alexandria in fact expressed the idea of ​​the life of the crystal in space. However if we elevate our body to the circle, then we also get eight figures. How are they obtained?

If we examine our own body not as a physical object but rather as a form inside of which energy circulates, we will also get three circles. One of them is formed by the circulation of blood, which serves as the carrier of basic energy. Then we have the energy created in the interaction of the eight bodily systems (actually we have 7 systems comprising together a new separate motion since we live in 3-dimensional space).

Circulation comes from the additional resources within our body where energy can be transformed. This means that within us we have eight spherical triangles. Each of these triangles represent its own space, i.e. theoretically it can undergo crystallization. However since our body is not perfect, we cannot represent the result. Yet space represents it and as a result we get the crystal or the crystalline essence.


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<![CDATA[The Way of Women]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/26-way-women/ The Way of Women is based on my extensive experience in teaching women who have embarked on the path of development. Theirs, in fact, is the initiative for the writing of this basic work. The number of questions I received demonstrates not only the active role women play in their own construction, but also an ability to present the issue competently, which in theory should be the prerogative of men.

Unfortunately, today few people actually pose before themselves questions and try to find the answers. The living conditions of modern women deprive them not only of the possibility for harmonious existence but also of the chance to understand harmony. And this becomes a challenge not only for the non-developing women but also for those women who actually try to do something for themselves. Even being involved in development, women are often left on its sidelines and can not see it as something more than just one of the emotions.

For over thirty years I have been studying the ancient practices and texts, which I happened to find in my quest for knowledge, and part of this quest I’ve devoted to matters directly related to the nature of women's development. All development is volume and until this volume is placed in the necessary form, we can hardly understand what, how and why we are developing. This is especially true for women, who in their present existence often do not accept the concept of form. This is why, the formation of the volume of perceptions takes time and patience.

Training women is a kind of fight against time – both for the woman and for the person who teaches her. The most important factor here is to free the woman from her expectations and from haste. Sometimes it takes years, even decades. In general, one can say that I’ve done the necessary amount of work days to at least be considered a researcher of women.

The book, which I’ve dedicated to women and entitled The Way of Women, should in fact be called The Way to the Way of Women.

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<![CDATA[Hermit. Part II. Immortality]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/24-hermit-immortality/ Bogged down in the endless cycle of reincarnation and death Man - in his ignorance today - is not only unable to pay attention to the higher forms of achievement but even represent his human nature.

The fact that you were born in human form does not yet mean that you are a man. This is why I address the question of immortality to those who know the human nature and are therefore ready to earnestly examine the laws and principles of existence and put an end to their foolish habit of reacting, which simply expands their ignorance.

Man must first free himself from his putrid life-experiencing, for it is only then that he can begin to pay attention to what might follow. In my view this problem is related above all to the cultivation of the spirit, which is why I hereby submit it for examination to the general public.

This topic is meant for those who are still capable of asking questions and searching for their complex answers. 


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<![CDATA[Mate]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/22-mate_book/ The book Mate from the series Alchemical Beverages of the World is a fascinating guide to the world of the legendary power drink of the ancient Indians. The readers will plunge into the mysteries hidden behind the popular label "Paraguayan herbal tea" and will learn the secrets of preparing mate as a ritual drink, with the help of four intrepid travelers who - armed with a thermos of hot water, travel diaries and the intention to meet the "spirit of mate" at all costs – go for an "initiation" into the heart of the tropical jungle.

The book includes extensive illustrations, stories and legends, historical and encyclopedic medical records, ancient and modern recipes for preparing mate - all designed to help readers reach a most versatile and complete understanding of the alchemical drink mate.

Contributors: Edward Nima, Marcelo Plotnik.

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<![CDATA[Hey, You!]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/19-hey-you/ The book Hey, You! is the second part of Gleb Cherny’s trilogy. It confronts the readers with timeless and always relevant questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? This work can be seen as a continuation of the book Immortality and the Sexual Syndrome (the first part of the trilogy), yet at the same time, it is a self-sufficient work devoted to a whole stratum of Man’s cultural development and self-realization.

The author does not attempt to study the private experience of his protagonist. Instead, he depicts the life of each and everyone of us - examined perhaps under a different and a bit shocking angle.

After his initial plunge into the depths of the practices for inner development - under the guidance of the Tibetan monk Devtong and a former KGB general – the protagonist immerses himself in a world of magic and astral wars trying to find a new dimension in understanding the inner world.

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<![CDATA[The Art of Attaining the Microcosmic Orbit]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/17-attaining-microcosmic-orbit/ The Art of Attaining the Microcosmic Orbit aims to prepare the practitioner for the inner practice. It helps to manage the internal energy processes at a deeper level. The Microcosmic Orbit is aimed at mastering the circulation of the energy and understanding the rhythm of its development.

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<![CDATA[The Art of the Bedchambers. Part I]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/16-art-bedchambers/ The Art of Bedchambers - also known as Taoist sexual yoga - is a system of Taoist alchemical practices that was formed naturally in the process of human evolution. The first part of this book reviews aspects of the alchemical work connected with the cultivation of vital essences outside the bedchambers.

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<![CDATA[The Art of Strengthening Yin]]> https://www.olegcherne.com/books/15-strengthening-yin/ The Art of Strengthening Yin is one of the most important yet less common Taoist practices and aims to gather and strengthen the energy for the sake of then amplifying the alchemical process. The practice is most common among women but is also practiced by men with a disrupted natural circulation of the energy. This tradition is presented according to the teachings of the School of the Celestial Masters, which has its origins in the Mao-Shan tradition.

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