The Politics is the egregoral component of the society.
I am often asked why I do not comment and do not react to political events. In this regard, I would like to expose my understanding of the politics and at the same time to place this topic for a discussion.

The Politics is the egregoral component of the society. It is the essence of filling up, positioning and presentation of the statehood. Therefore, if we are somehow linked to the statehood, we are also linked to the politics. Next it is our positioning, which in any case is political.

And so, State gives rise to the politics, the politics gives rise to a dictatorship or a democracy and nothing else, since the politics is the set of all actions of the people, not just the external positioning. Democracy is generated by the laws; dictatorship is generated by the person.

Laws are generated by education; the person is represented by its strength. Up to this point everything is clear and precise and anything you may do will change nothing. The interesting thing starts here. It turns out that the education has no power and relies on the structure and this is a democracy. When the force is uneducated this is a dictatorship. Which is better or worse, doesn’t matter: democracy keeps the problems perpetuating because the structure of laws can keep the wreck running for centuries, on the other hand in the dictatorship the problems reveal and express fast but it is able also to quickly mobilize the society. It all depends on the ideology of the dictator and above all, on his personal power.

Most important for both is to understand what is Education and what is Power. As a result, everyone is distracted by the superstructure, i.e. by thing which is above this.

Against this background, for me personally is not interesting to deal with politics as it is a representation of the Egrégor, but not its development. If you are interested in understanding my model of perception of politics and statehood, your questions are welcome. Otherwise I strongly recommend sourcing Aristotle's opinion.

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