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Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.


The Key to the Sanctuary

The key to the sanctuary is related to the issue of secrets: the secrets of building, where what is evident for some, is not evident for others. Just like Troy that was for some the physical embodiment of a particular place, but for others - just the idea of light refraction. Each sacred city, temple or place has its angle of refraction, which unites the ideas of death and rebirth, or even the idea of ​​transformation. The angle becomes a symbol, the symbol - knowledge, and knowledge becomes doctrine.


Steve Jobs and The Brain!

The fact that Steve Jobs had a special attitude to the brain makes him unique. This is actually the ultimate secret of his persona. Remembering the brain, developing the brain, observing the brain was to him perhaps even more important than using this instrument. Steve searched for and even developed his own methods for studying the brain by subjecting it to IT techonology, which eventually became part of his brain (or vice versa).


FAQ: Education

Answers to a few questions on the subject of Education.


Orphic Mysteries. Integral sound

Orphism is a metaphysical doctrine about sound. It represents the art of experiencing sound; it is the tantra of sound. The teaching was formed from a ritual passing through space, from the Orphic Mysteries. Judging by its attachment to the location, Orphism became a religious doctrine in the 6th century BC.

According to one version, Orpheus was a Thracian bard, who achieved immortality. This was the reason for the connection of the Orphism as a system of knowledge with the Thracian culture.

Integral alchemy

Hello! Calling for you!

Bothersome thoughts tiptoe lightly
Coming closer, defying rebuff
Now I see them pointed and clear:
I have really had enough!
That's a point of realization, mark of knowledge
Sharp as knife


Integral observation

Integral observation involves living according to the laws of attention and maintaining the alignment of one's spirit. The ability to resonate with your spirit is the highest expression of our Ego which represents not only our personal nature but also the place of its manifestation. Therefore, this is also the precondition for studying the spatial presentation of ourselves.

Integral alchemy


It had to happen: the world had to see the manifestation of the ultrahigh intelligence in action. For quite a while, this place was wrapped up in its sacred goals unbeknown to the outsiders, but now Damanhur is accessible to anyone – in fact, it has become one of the wonders of the modern world. Today it’s hard to think of anything more precious than the efforts of the damanhurians, or rather Falco (Hawk), Oberto Airaudi, the founder of Damanhur who created a wondrous world of timeless space.


The Dreaming Stone

This is, in general, a simple story with complex characters. So…

Kilwydd Wledig marries Goleuddydd and gets her pregnant. And this is exactly what we need in order to get if not King Arthur, then at least his cousin Culhwch. Further, the plan runs as follows: we need to wait until he grows up. But let’s not wait, let’s imagine he has already grown up.


Stone of Destiny

Scone and Faith Hill, which is located at its center, have been a sacred place since ancient times. This is the location of a special stone that served as the throne to many generations of kings where they received the symbols of government. Gradually, this ritual acquired Christian characteristics and together with the Grail it became the basic tool of the Templars for acquiring knowledge.


Lords of the Isles

United Kingdom is a country of islands. Each of these islands generates a particular energy as a result of the interaction of the land with the surrounding waters.


The First Templar

When death came to the Earth, people created the first necropolis. And the first school teaching people not to die – the Sokara school. This school had 12 branches around the world, and the Celtic branch was named Oengus.


Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate is one of the most contradictory and mysterious figures in human history. He was entrusted with the unique mission of creating a world religion. Think for yourself! Would Christianity exist if Jesus was not crucified? Or, at least, would it exist on this scale?


The Nation - Measure

The Scots are a nation created from a number of cultures and peoples. This fact, however, did not prevent them from defining their own history, culture and image.


Holy Land

Today it is perhaps very difficult for many people to accept that the Holy Land may be linked not to Palestine but rather to the British Isles, and that Jesus and his followers sought and even reached this place. The point is not so much in Jesus’ mission on the British Isles but in the very events that unfolded here throughout history.


The Secret Doctrine

Every teaching should have its doctrine, I would like to say. But, as it turns out, it doesn’t. If this doctrine is interpreted by people who do not participate in the very process of cognition; people who are not part of this doctrine; people who are seen by the very doctrine as marginal, i.e. holding different views and therefore possessing different standpoints, then we can claim that this doctrine is absent.


The Center of the World

Loch Finlaggan on the island of Islay is the center of the world or the place where time disappears. This is perhaps the most mystical lake in the world or at least in Scotland. Generally, we should recognize that every lake in this region turns out to be somehow special and unique: it either represents a sacred pentagram, or is inhabited by mystical animals, or is the center of the world, or happens to be the hiding place of the treasures of the Templars.



Oh, this great experiment on humanity, when does it end! Oh, sacred Grail, this is not the end of the secret but its very beginning! In this uncertain world can anyone really think anymore? How did it happen that the divine waves brought us to the English lands where we can finally learn to distinguish the light in such measure and volume that will help us understand this world



The Grail is a great secret and mystery legacy, the symbol of transformation. Is the Grail a crystal symbolizing the source of immortality, the cup Jesus drank from at the Secret Supper, the container where Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood of Jesus or an all-bearing cauldron? Or perhaps a sacrificial cup, a drink of ambrosia, or an obtained Philosopher’s stone?



The idea of the Apocalypse is an End of the World, Welcome! project in which humanity took part awaiting the arrival of the Messiah in the year 156, then in 999 and later in 1285. Then they waited for the collision of the Earth and the Sun in 1603. And that’s not counting all the interim ‘ends of the world’.


The Arch

The Northern corner of Avalon is an angle that directs people towards an area of special alchemical tradition - a tradition known and studied by various secret doctrines and orders. It is believed that the true adepts of these doctrines live according to the laws of a different time and many of them are, according to our calculations, hundreds and even thousands of years old.


The Astral City or the Crystal Temple

The peak of man’s development on earth is the construction of the Astral city. The Astral city is a place connected with certain points on the planet where the energy of the Sun and the Moon is reflected in a special way, creating a certain crystal model of existence capable of nourishing and maintaining this astral city.



The speech is either an art of managing a certain scheme of sound line, or a mechanically used construction – memorized or reflex. The former is distinguished from the latter by the fact that in one case this is the speech of a thinking person, which means that he is able to perceive what he says. In the second case, the person is an appendage of some expression that has no depth of perception.


Geometry of Tai Chi Chuan

The geometry of Tai Chi Chuan is a certain quality of the body, allowing to improve its characteristics. The main objective here is the task of deepening the penetration of energy, changing the tension of the body and, most importantly, the feeding and strengthening of the consciousness, which also leads to the improvement of its geometric form.

Laboratory of Development

O-300 “Dunatis” Balsam

“The Nutrition of the Future” project represents the aromatic balsam O-300 “Dunatis” for nutrition and strengthening of the body of tension, which in our body is represented by the bones.



Karma is a concept that was formed on the basis of the Indian teachings, among which are commonly distinguished the four basic most influential: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. In these traditions is realized the fundamental course of human development through the perspective of motion, which also includes the liberation.



Oncology is the process of capture of the human body by the energy that is incompatible with his vital processes. Its development today is the natural process of changing the frequencies, when our rough body is losing its foundation in the more rough energies and it is easily attacked and captured.



The rejuvenation is a topic that affects different planes of the human perception in general, and to a greater extent, of course, the perception of women. In order to understand the meaning and essence of the process of rejuvenation, it's needed to understand the conditions of aging and to learn how to arrest the primary stage of the processes of destruction, and after that restore what's possible.


Male code

The male code is the law by which men should be developed. This is a special form of knowledge, lying beyond the threshold of reality. Against all the importance and functionality of the development of today's world, where man has a dominant position, in reality, he pursues goals and objectives, unknown even for him.

Laboratory of Development


Developing the projects of the Nutrition of the Future and Laboratory of Development and expanding the base of materials on the subject, I began to receive a significant number of inquiries from people on the subject of the options of health improvement. In some of the cases, I can only give general advices or recommendations, without any personal observation.


Woman on the Way

Woman as a cause, woman as a consequence or woman as a Way! These are the questions that determine the characteristics and qualities of woman, and as a result, her movement in the direction of realization or “utilization”.

The Way of Women


Enlightenment can be understood in a wide range of senses, varying from ‘non doing’ to the achievement of clarity. Yet today this process must be examined from a physiological perspective because it is not related to psychology - neither for the ‘enlightened’ individual nor for those around him. This leads certain followers of the Way astray and, most importantly, simply calls for clarity instead of revealing it.


Hello, anybody there

Any response must rest on the question. The question must follow from the task. The task must highlight the measure. You know, that is like the situation: you show me and I'll believe you. It is possible to believe, only if you are able to believe, and not just put a sign "I believe".


Measure forms the axis

Measure in the first place is a condition, it is an axis, setting the direction and, most importantly, the rotation. The rotation comes from the symmetry: the more orders of rotation, the more conditions for transformation, crystallization or achievement of a higher order of the form.

Institute for The Development of Man

The Ritual as Measure

The characteristics of the information space, connecting people with the tasks, as well as with other information fields, define the goal of the ritual as measure.



Spirituality is a rather substantial term, which cannot be discussed in simple terms. Why is this? The reason is that people do not even understand the notion of identification rhythm, while the concepts we are dealing with here lie beyond the limits of analysis.


Perfection: a certain condition, not a panacea

Perfection should not be explained, because it is a process. When we talk about improvement, but we do not work on ourselves every day, and when we are actually outside the process, then all our arguments on the subject, in fact, are a reaction, where we rather defend our position than look for a new one.



The work is that people understand and define life from the position of the conditions in which they live. But these conditions are usually temporary. Man is born and follows the laws that originated him. But the development of these laws is in the temporary space. And as long as a person is naturally growing – he is a part of these laws.


By feeding our consciousness, we nourish our spirit

We need to really understand our spirit before we learn how to nourish it. If a person doesn't understand the physics of the spirit and for him it is esoteric, then the spirit will stay non-manifested for him, no matter how long we discussed it.


Mamma mia!

Any action of the parent towards the child - that is the parent's personal responsibility, not the child's at all. After all, it is very strange to determine the parent's actions before the forming of the child, which finishes no earlier than 20-25 years of age, according to the child's characteristics and qualities.

Laboratory of Development

Society and Money

How can we live in society and outside money? This question includes three very important concepts: ‘live’, ‘society’ and ‘money’. Let’s start with society. Society is the environment we are situated in for one reason or another. Irrespective of its nature, society is either driven toward perfection or toward degradation. Both of these are natural processes. From this point on what matters most is Man and his role in this process.



Longevity is a concept, a catchphrase, a biological phenomenon, and above all an important issue for those who do not want to part with their life. Longevity is a serious and complicated issue because the most important matter related to Mans’ life is not how long but how well Man lives. During our life we kill so much time that it doesn’t even make sense to try and study the problem of longevity. If Man is incapable of living, does it really matter how long he lives or rather doesn’t live?



Energetic is a product grown in a certain area, and due to its frequency response has the ability not to destroy itself. That means, it does not posess mortality classification.

The Nutrition of the Future


One can hardly address this issue if he hasn’t thought about his own nature and consciousness. But let’s try anyway … First we need to examine what kind of consciousness you possess. The right-hemisphere type of consciousness is a system of human relations controlled by the person’s sensations which however may be processed by the left hemisphere of the brain in case it is sufficiently developed. The left-hemisphere type of consciousness is the system of relations between the person and his own mind, where the development of the mind surpasses the awareness or the experiencing of the properties of the conscious effort, which essentially makes this type of consciousness as reactionary as the right-hemisphere type.

Daoist body

What Constitutes a Human

In order to correspond to the concept ‘human’ people need to meet only a few yet very important criteria – be able to maintain within them the energies that correspond to the human. Nevertheless, contemporary homo sapiens is not only incapable of differentiating the energetic processes but is also unable to maintain the necessary level of the functional qualities characteristic for the human being.


Art of Living in the Effort

Living in the effort is not simply an ability, it is rather a functional property of our mind and energy, as well as an ability of the body to (at least) not interfere with this process. The loss of the effort is above all equivalent to a loss of adequacy of the mind.


The Easy inside the Heavy

Unless we free ourselves from our dependence on the space we inhabit, unless our brain gains strength, we will be constantly confused about what is important and what is secondary. To speak of the deep not realizing the essence of depth means to remove ourselves further from understanding the cause. It’s true that accepting things the way they are, is difficult, however by accepting them we get light.



Yin and Yang – this is the intrinsic nature of three-dimensional space, it is the existence principle of the space on this earth. Yin and Yang are in equal measure, and they represent space in accordance with their particular characteristics. So no matter what we do, no matter what we strive for, nothing can change this nature, until we understand the conditions that can lead us beyond the concept of Yin-Yang.


The Disease of Modern Man

The basic problem of modern man is that he solves his problems in temporary space. What’s more, by his very nature, he exists in various temporary dependencies – social, psychological, nominal, etc. Living in temporary space and following its laws takes us nowhere. We cannot solve our problems using this frequency, no matter what our problems are.


Energy of Filling up

What Heaven and Earth divide is the space we inhabit. It is mutable, just like the will of Heaven and Earth, however its changes remain unnoticed by man, for we simply follow them.


One Generates Two

In order to understand the meaning of life, we must first create the conditions necessary for the manifestation of meaning. Meaning can find manifestation only when Man understands that one generates two, and two generates three.


The Matrix of Arabic Dance

The matrix of Arabic rhythm determines the Maksum rhythm (4/4), which forms the dimensional figure – the cube, where the dance takes place.


The Art of Preserving One\'s Bodily Form

Our body is twofold and unless we achieve a unified bodily state, preservation is out of the question since the body is subject to the Yin code and the Yang code or the code of preservation and the code of development – a situation where each comes with its own requirements. Man cannot improve these codes, he can only worsen them, which transforms him from this double state into a triple or even a quadruple one.


Nourishment of the Reproductive System: Formula 500

Formula 500 is designed to nourish the Truncated Body, which is related to the reproductive system. The Truncated Body is the most geometrically defined body in our organism. It has its predetermined energy circulation directed at producing higher frequencies (with the help of the sexual energy), which in fact generates the state of excitement.


Nourishment of the muscles: Formula 400

Formula 400 (for people of average muscle mass) and Formula 100 (for people of high muscle mass) are aimed at collecting, activating and naturally distributing the energy in the muscles.


Nourishment of the skin system: Formula 700

Skin nourishment (the skin system is related to the Body of Tension) determines one of the fundamental characteristics of the living body – the nourishment of the body and its relation to its surroundings.


Blood nutrition: Formula 200

Blood is not only the bodily system that is in closest contact with all other bodily systems and organs but is also a separate individual system with its own particular algorhythm of development. Moreover, blood is the basic system which absorbs not only the energy we receive through breathing and food but also from the place we inhabit.


Crisis of spirituality

Crisis of spirituality is a category that is not compatible with comprehension. Those who are able to comprehend understand that this concept simply must not be. For those who can not do that it is only a turtle without its shell or a shell without the turtle.



Human being so closely tied in to the biosphere is a very deep scientific mistake. Rhythms of the Universe exist regardless on human life even if one is not able to attune oneself. If we are talking about human body as about a piece of flesh- it is one thing, but if we are talking about a human body as a brain — it is a completely different thing.


Theory and Practice

Теория и практика — два сложнейших понятия для тех, кто хочет в чем-то разобраться. Перевести теорию в опыт, как, собственно, и практику — невероятно сложная задача, и только осуществив ее, действительно можно познать как теорию, так и практику.



When we talk about alcohol then most will straight away think about products containing alcohol forgetting the meaningful, or playing on unsymmetrical definitions. However these thoughts sway one to the side more then really help to sort through this question. This theme is exclusively deep and serious as it touches all aspects of human life: medical, cultural, religious, political, etc.



Time is a pulsation characterized by internal human code, i.e. death rate. Rhythm of death people call time. Temperature, pressure, speed of energy movement are characteristics that we depend on, and before we distinguish the greatest singularity we will be dependant on the given code of time. To come away from time one should get special awareness. But it is impossible to know space without geometry.


A Search for Immortality Elixir

Disease of a humanity have long transferred to ones stomach and bones, hence, the treatment is extremely complicated. If a illness came into the body like a nail then it is possible to “pull it out” or to get rid of it. If it penetrated like a screw, then screwing and unscrewing is needed. However that is not enough.



Жизнь человека следует оцениваться не с позиции ее продолжительности, а с позиции содержания. Человек умирает тогда, когда его жизнь становиться бессознательной, а не тогда, когда его на тележке везут на кладбище. Но одно дело — прекратить содержательное существование, а другое — вообще не иметь его, то есть даже не проявиться и не выразиться в человеческой форме, которую как раз содержательность и характеризует.


The Figure Equivalent to God

Ancient people were very much interested in the laws of proportion. These laws were later organized in a system of rules for designing of correct figures, which in fact became the foundation of math as a science. The first great scientists of this system were the Greeks Thales and Pythagoras.


Perfect Symmetry

Crystals come closest to the perfect symmetry of the physical body, however in reality perfect symmetry is manifested only by people, who have managed to develop equidirectional energy force in their body – only then can man feel the symmetry. This is covered by the concept of the axis, in other words symmetry necessarily has axis.


13 Internal Efforts

Out body exists in conformity with the efforts that move it, that generate and modify its energy. These efforts determine the active and passive properties of man, the realization of the 72 sensations and 12 kinds of experiences.


The Angle of Nutrition

The practice of nourishing with crystals helps us understand the most important issue – the so called angle of nutrition. From the perspective of nutrition this is the most important and valuable aspect manifested by crystals – what they can transmit to our body.



Stretching is a concept deeply rooted in our consciousness as an activity related to the tendons. However, the development of the tendons consists in creating a certain resistance within them so as to preserve their tenacity, and not inversely dispense with it. The latter would very soon lead to decaying of the bones and muscles.


Principles of the Nutrition of the Future

When putting the Nutrition of the Future system into practice we must understand its underlying principles. These principles are dependent on the level of development of the energy and the organization of the energy processes on all levels within our body.

The Nutrition of the Future

Yogi – who are they: Part 2

In the first part of the article ‘Yogi – who are they?’ we followed the steps of the Yogi and examined the current problems related to this topic. Let us now think about the way Western people perceive Yoga.


Nutrition yoga

Nutrition yoga is a mechanism of nutrition that will become the most forward way for the mental, physical and energetical development of the modern human in the near future. Physical exercises, pressure that does not involve consciousness in its works, and only burns and oxidizes our energy; different spiritual practices, that put people in protesting forms and states of development, promoting everything, except the declared task; numerous trainings, that in their majority exploit human emotions and take away his instruments of feeling – all those are instruments of yesterday.



Antioxidants are substances that suppress free radicals and with them the oxidation processes in the cell. What are free radicals? They are independent molecular bonds. Modern medicine found out that having such bonds is really bad so everyone rushed to offer, rather actively, products for their destruction.



Vitamins are products necessary for the exchange of temporary energy. Depending on the quality of the person’s energy, vitamins can be synthesized in the body. The higher one’s bodily frequency, the less dependent the person is on vitamins (the need for vitamins diminishes and the person develops the ability to produce vitamins with the help of the internal energetic process of the organism).

The Nutrition of the Future

Seven Bodies

The scheme of development is seven formulas that form the basic frequency characteristics of our body, developing it’s abilities to contain energy and feeding, and first and foremost the systems of the body. This gets the body used to live in other frequency characteristics and increase its energy-containing ability and potential.


The dilemma of developing Homo Sapiens

Lets assume that someone puts forth a question “what is a human”, seemingly a good question, even a needed one. But to ask this question that person first needs to prepare oneself, for that question and, for the answer.


Yogis — who are they

Йога как система претерпела столько изменений, имеет такую массу вариаций и при этом несет в сознании всех, кто ей занимается, такую идею духовного развития, что воистину можно только преклониться перед этим чудом XX-го века.


72 expressions of feelings

It is 72 states that can be identified in quality of levels of living. These 72 levels are determined by abilities of 12 experiences.


12 types of experiences

Let’s look at the 12 types of the experiences.

Institute for The Development of Man


The effort is a characteristic of the human mind which allows it to meet human tasks.It is a specific physiological property of the body which is adjusted and controlled by the mind, also used by the man to accumulate his vital forces for resolving certain issues. The effort is a constantly maintaining state and depends on the process of the human development.


Desire and Intention

It is very simple to distinguish Desire from Intention: Desire can not be controlled or can be controlled poorly, and Intention is controlled consciously. Both of these qualities are not difficult to characterize but not so easy to study.


Attitude to Money

Money make people stupid, dishonest and even make them kill each other over it. That's why Money is the most destructive thing to humanity. Speaking of Money rises two questions: First, how people come to the possession of Money and second, what efforts do they use to get them? Because Money is necessity for the existence of the world, requiring plenty of conformity.


All Women Are Beautiful

All women are beautiful – ask any drunken man! Sometimes women behave in an unsightly manner causing a negative reaction that immediately creates a negative impression of the woman herself. Thus women’s behavior is all that counts.


The Unexpected

Who said that the unexpected is when you do not expect anything? Human mind is always in a state of expectation although one’s body and energy are not always ready. Is Death unexpected? If this is the case, then no one wants to expect it. And yet not wishing to wait for death, we still expect it. Nothing is unexpected then!


The Superbacteria NDM-1

NDM-1 (Neu Delhi Metallo-Beta-Lactamase) is a bacterium not susceptible to any known drug. It is not lethal by itself but can generate viruses that modern medicine cannot cope with. NDM-1 contains a new gene that is a result of the temporal change in the frequency of space, i.e. it’s a bacterium of space-time.


The Herd

The herd is a well-organized society, created by the government with the aim of facilitating control and manipulation. It’s a biomass, humanoid in appearance, which is sometimes called ‘the electorate’. It consists of people, who cannot think, do not have their own opinions, people whose only task is to react.


Learn to listen and hear

This title may sound sarcastic because those who know how to listen already know what I mean. And the ones who cannot hear have joined ‘their own kind’.


Mind Attack

The greatest peril to Man lies in breaking his neural links. Because the breaking of these links results in brain damage and this in turn leads to the disruption of Man’s conscious existence.

The Nutrition of the Future Code de Vino

Accept yourself for who you are

Understanding that we are who we are defines the development of the form we express. If we view life as a process, then our primary qualities are unimportant. They can be neither good nor bad. If we follow the course of the process called ‘life’, then we should be satisfied with what we have, and should start developing these initial qualities. And by the way, the more imperfect we are and the more inadequacies we possess, the more opportunities we have for development.


Coffee – the cure against folly

In order to regulate the functional systems of the body in the state of vegetative equilibrium, we must maintain the synchronous and asynchronous activity of the brain. And oddly enough, that’s where coffee comes in, with its paradoxical ability to connect the excitement, related to the synchronization of the work of the right and the left hemispheres, and at the same time control the energy corrections related to the development of the dynamics of this excitement, which is an asynchronic effort.

The Nutrition of the Future Code de Vino

Wine – the food of the vegetarian

Attention, vegetarians! Do not mess with your life and the lives of others! Vegetarians are often seen as people who do not eat meat, yet they should be perceived as people who consume more pesticides than the meat-eaters. Today vegetarians are like laboratories for grinding a number of forcibly mutated products.



Pride is one of the elements of pleasure needed by that shattered minds. However, this concept contains a lot more than a simple reaction to itself, and therefore possesses a certain directed power that can ignite consciousness.


Beware: information

Incomplete data disrupts and disorients the work of the brain. Therefore the data upon which we focus our mind should sink within it to the level of concentration and analysis, i.e. this data must be transformed into an effort and must go through the process of concentration.


The Extreme

The extreme is an initiative that needs additional clarification. It originates from the vulgar dualism that our mind constantly dwells in. And since dualism today is expressed in man’s reactionary attitudes, we can even call it a ‘national state’. Human consciousness, however strange this may seem, is not dual. What is dual is simply the brain.



This word is at the same time strange and yet quite ordinary to the human ear. Some misuse it, others repeat it mindlessly. Figuratively speaking, today our actions related to the notion of tradition form an emptiness filled with false methods used for maintaining the living environment, which has long been blown away.


FAQ: Martial Arts

Here you will find the questions and responses to questions on the martial arts.



In the course of its existence mankind has passed through a number of stages in its attitude to old age and death. The first stage we can call unconscious when human brain was incapable of defining death and even old age since it was governed by the animal contemplative principle.


Why does the Universe exist

The reason for the existence of the Universe is determined by the principles of interaction of the elementary particles of matter and antimatter. At a certain geometrical effort they are able to reproduce an explosion leading to crystallization of matter and certain rotation. This rotation attracts particles and increases the mass, which follows the laws of asymmetry.


Experience or Structure of Experience

Experience or Structure of Experience could be described as Method. Experience is performing a certain action in time. Structure of Experience is the discipline of its performance.


The magical properties of water

The main enemy of modern man is food. We consume questionable food in excessive quantities throughout our lives. This comes as a result of uncontrolled reflex towards food developed, for years as a way of killing time. Today the consumption of food is a way of killing vitality in favor of laziness, dependence on smell, etc. For only twenty percent of the people, food carries a positive element that is associated with the development of taste.

Code de Vino

Arabic dance: an ecstatic experience

The dance is not just a movement, but a transformation. In order to achieve this transformation, it is necessary to reveal the body and take it under control. A woman must control the dance with her womb and a man with his mind. If the dancer doesn't pay attention to this and go into sensations, the movements will enslave him/her. In this case, it is possible that the dancer manages to follow the movements and even express them, but he/she will not be able to control them. In any case, a person is able to enjoy sensations or experience.


Depression: a result of being lazy

It is believed that by the year 2020, depression will be the number one disease in the world. This will come as a result of the services, and meeting the interests and the conditions of pastime when a person with a minimum of mental and physical activity gets a lot of emotions which exhaust human resource. And even if a person comes to think of doing something with himself, he or she will no longer have the strength to do it!

Any pastime without internal effort which activates body and mind leads a person to degradation, making him uninterested in his own development, but interested in his own excitement as a source of emotions. As a result, a man spends fifty to seventy percent of his lifetime being weak-willed. And excited by the same laziness, his life is accompanied by anxiety, irritability, sadness, changeable interests, loss of strength, and desires in excess.


The Myth of Martial Arts

Martial arts in their present form have nothing to do with fighting in 80% of the cases, and nothing to do with art in even 90%. I've decided to include this topic in my blog not because of my personal attitude towards martial arts but because of the attitude of most people and the government towards education.


Honesty and Health

Honesty today is a medical issue, a health related issue. Today people perceive the category of the soul as nothing more than an object of the overall information field. And while we often operate with these concepts, this is simply a way to preserve the state where people only react to the surrounding world and their experience is devoid of depth. As a result people loose the connection with their soul and practically take no responsibility for their existence, having become dependent on the product space.


Nourishing the Brain

Today, when humanity has for the most part forgotten how to use the capabilities of the brain, we can claim that its very existence is threatened. Contemporary education and lifestyle have lead mankind to true degradation. And the ones who still try to do something for themselves today, face the most serious challenges regarding the nourishment of their brains.


Geis of Love

Love is above all a certain human condition expressing one's relationship to nature, the surrounding world and the people around. The one who understands the nature of love, will understand the nature of man, his own nature. Man must learn about love, he/she must learn to love himself /herself and understand Man's inherent principles and qualities.


How to Become a Millionaire

The issue of money is above all a psychological issue, a bank of perceptions. These perceptions can be either inborn or acquired, so they form two factors which define the following principle: the relation to money can be a relation of dependency or a relation of interaction. Therefore, the question we should consider is: does money grant us actual freedom or not?


The Mind Pill

Today the market offers an impressive quantity of medicines and prescriptions that promise to slow down the aging process, which is in itself part of the absolutely natural organic processes of aging and dying that affect the brain. Yet the only true method for stopping aging is through preserving the brain, and this can be achieved only through development. Thus the main question we must face first is the question of the mind and understanding.


The Change of Earth\'s Frequency

Time has accelerated, human behaviour has accelerated, meanwhile human emotions have become simpler yet their quantity has grown. And all of this is related to the change of frequency in time which increases the number of complicated tasks our brains must handle in order to guarantee that Man preserves his humanity.


The Art of Ecstatic Existence

What I refer to as 'the Ecstatic' has the following three aspects: physical existence, emotional and sensual (this is the most important form of ecstatic existence from the viewpoint of the ecstatic), and intellectual as well as spiritual existence.

Code de Vino


Mankind is undergoing a stage in development where it transforms every life process into emotion. Man's very existence and experiences have come to depend on this act. Which is why society is no longer engaged with any topic from the viewpoint of analysis, deep rationalization or reasoning, but rather needs these simply to exist.