In the first place, a man represents a quality and to bind him to a profession today is not only impossible, but also dangerous. It is much more appropriate to bind this concept of profession to some human qualities. For example, considering the art of learning and developing an effort, or different technologies of thought formation.


Integral mathematicsResearcher

Integral mathematics is a type of a configuration that allows us to develop the energy of the brain by means of numerical signs - the numbers.

It is a measurement system that allows us to operate with the mass, system and language of numbers. Integral mathematics is a type of a hidden cone which sets the direction of the calculus; it is a unique tissue of knowledge, which allows us to operate with atemproal indicators.

Integral alchemy

Integral nutritionPerson

Integral nutrition is a form of nutrition aimed at maintaining higher processes in the human body, where the main indicator is a certain type of tension. This tension is introduced or formed in the body by food that can be decomposed by frequency indicators.

Integral alchemy

Integral bodyPerson

Integral body is a type of a body that has a special internal connection determined by linking the molecular structure thanks to a special type of tension.

Integral medicine

The Brain in Taoist MedicinePerson

Taoist medicine is a system of knowledge, developed on the basis of the practical experience in the art of nurturing the yellow and the white. This system is associated with the transformation of the body, and the peak in the understanding of this process are the conditions for the permanent existence of immortal consciousness (related to the science of immortality), formed in the laws of the Taoist body.

Laboratory of Development

Anatomy of DevelopmentPerson

The subordination of the soul to the brain, and of the brain to the body lays the foundation for the concept of 'anatomy of development'. However, comprehending this is a rather complex process because we do not consider the thought as a thought. We rather consider thought a certain impulse, which is processed without any effort on our part.

Laboratory of Development

The Secret Code of Mary MagdaleneResearcher

This article is based on what I heard from someone I will name the Witness. He asked me to write down and pass on his message. I delayed this for a long time since I did not consider it necessary until I started describing and explaining the significance of the ritual and the Astral temple.


The Highest Form of DevelopmentExplorer

The highest form of development is the penetration into the culture. What is culture? This is a timeless characteristic, which becomes part of the life. This is one constantly performed ritual aimed at the maintaining of all possible links with the space. This is a definite rhythm of existence, expressing the attitude to the world and being at the same time a part of it.

Африканское тело

The Life Inside the DreamingExplorer

The question that I would like to address here is related to the techniques of Dreaming. Originally, this technique did not exist, because the Dreaming was just a natural manifestation of the women's vector of development and it was exclusively a priority of women, and also men with prevailing characteristics of female energies. I would also like to say that the technique of Dreaming for men passes in waking state, and for women – in state of sleeping.


The Dreamers Explorer

There are three types of people, and two of them are more regular than the third, which is quite rare. It is important to understand the nature and the difference between these types, in order to know how the Dreaming effects each group of people. Every person approaches his own world of Dreaming from a different perspective, which causes different effects on him. In any case, the more conscious is the work of the individual, the higher the result will be from it.

Laboratory of Development

The DreamingExplorer

The Dreaming is a certain state of body, consciousness and energy. For certain number of people, this is a natural state of being, allowing the consciousness to resonate with the processes, first of all, caused by the braking of energy and its transfer to an enhanced mode of accumulation, i.e. the state when a natural regeneration and change of frequency of the energy occurs.


Measure of TransformationResearcher

The connection with power is a particular characteristic of effort which determines the laws of resonation. By knowing and expressing such laws, Man is able not only to integrate himself into space, but also control it.


African BodyExplorer

So, it turned out that the formation of Man began at the behest of the Cosmos, which endowed the first people with a super-conscious effort. Actually, the evolution of Man began with this ability of the first, so to speak, superhuman, who came, formed or regenerated from the Atlantis (according to different versions).

Африканское тело

Dance of EagleExplorer

The Eagle Dance is the main dance of the Maya, although in a later period it was ousted by the Dance of the Corn, which merged three symbolic ideas of dance – the Serpent, Jaguar and Eagle. However, the plumage that was used in the Dance of the Eagle stayed as an external element of symbolism. What was the Eagle Dance for the Maya?

Laboratory of Development

Born by the MoonExplorer

The divine designation of the woman's plan is much broader than the concept of mother or woman of our times. Many years ago thirteen women materialized on Earth, possessing a variety of feminine qualities, but together forming a whole unit. The realization of the tasks that were given to them, failed: these women were scattered.


Hair decorationResearcher

The decoration of hear is a question of femininity. It is a matter of internal discipline, so necessary and useful for women. The hear decoration is the woman's attitude towards herself and her self-positioning in space. But mostly, it is the physiological and energetic action, which actually represents and forms the woman's mentality.


Tipova – the alchemical capital of MoldovaPerson

Each country is characterized by three main characteristics: the quality of the energy of the space, the quality of the people living on this land, and the alchemical capital. The first characteristic determines how much the place can give to the people, and how it can contribute to their development.


Way of Warrior, Way of Magician, Way of KnowledgePerson

The Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician and the Way of Knowledge are three categories of the Way, which are characterized by different features and characteristics. Each of them has its own resource. However, exactly in that order – the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician, the Way of Knowledge – one Way can be transformed into the other. As the task of each of the Ways is the presence of power, allowing not only stay on the Way, but also pass to the next level.


The Measure of Alchemy. Celtic Alchemy or the Art of coordinating the Six RaysResearcher

One of the basic principles of alchemy as a science is to collect, unite and connect all the parts of a universal knowledge. In this regard the heritage of the Celts is exceptionally valuable, since it demonstrates before the world the value of the systematic knowledge of alchemy as a global, unifying and synthesizing science, that collects and creates something new. Celtic Alchemy is a phenomenon that exceeds cultural boundaries, it brings together the religious, educational, historical and cultural heritage of many peoples


The Measure of Secret DoctrineResearcher

Where is the power here, where is the ego and where is god? Measure conceals the conditions for studying, the conditions for being and above all the conditions for self-development in being. Measure must teach man to detach himself from the incomprehensible, where the comprehensible is not what we perceive as familiar and what we agree with (or not) but rather what we put our efforts into.



The problem of energy is a simple one if considered from a physical perspective, and a rather complex one, if considered from the perspective of esoteric perception. So why treat is esoterically if we can examine it physically? This is where we encounter the worst problem of contemporary Man – he cannot determine all things physically.


Mystery of the Jade Emperor. Daoist Alchemical Tour with Jie KongMaster

We start our trip and thus initiate our interaction with the laws of motion shaping the essence of external alchemy. This fact has long motivated and still motivates all Daoists to collect the valuable essence for internal transformation that helps reinforce the internal alchemy. The Daoist doctrine is based upon the idea of transformation that culminates in the ability to reach the crystal model of existence represented by the legendary Jade Emperor Yu Di.



The Dantian center is a geometry concept based on the doctrine or the idea of preserving the One. The One or the unified center is a geometric center and the largest part of the circulating energy passes through it.


The Matrix of DancePhilosopher

Dance is an experience defined by certain tasks and expressed in a mental form. Dance is a quality that consists of either rest (if the body is in a static state) or motion (if the body is in a dynamic state). Dance is characterized by externally expressed positions and movements, it cannot be examined as a random or spontaneous position or movement because it is strictly directed at a certain mental work. It is always holistic, and in its entirety, it is based on a certain matrix.



Development is a process related to the expansion of the conscious effort, which is linked to the ability or inability not only to be on the Way of knowledge but also to operate with knowledge. Development can be considered such only if the person has already mastered the algorhythm of perfection, which is not simply an effect of development but also a factor for it. Having a conscious control of the process guarantees the perfection not only of the process itself, but also of the mind.

Institute for The Development of Man

The RebootResearcher

Rebooting in the context of Man’s development refers to the ability to reformat one’s resources. However as opposed to Man’s restoration to a certain functional condition, rebooting is related to reorientation, and reevaluation, a situation where Man’s qualities must be not so much reinforced but rather rectified.


Development SchemeResearcher

Development should always follow a scheme. The perfection of the scheme depends on our ability to combine it. The ability to combine the scheme is obtained with the help of the Method. The scheme lets Man forsake his chaotic existence caused by various disruptions in the formation of the conscious, physical or energetic effort.


Cell RegenerationPerson

The task of energy nourishment is to change the rules that control the transcription and synthesis of the RNA (ribonucleic acid) protein. RNA contains information about the sequence of amino acids in proteins. The problem here is that the behavior of human cells is limited by two vectors where the primary one is the so called ‘terrestrial vector’, which determines the resonation of the energy within our body at lower vibration levels.

The Nutrition of the Future

Virtual tour in Saint Petersburg – the alchemical capital of RussiaPerson

Russia has many powerful places, associated with a certain energy component, mostly with the filling up. But there isn't more powerful artificially created alchemical laboratory than St. Petersburg, where the ancient knowledge lies, on the one hand, directly on the surface, but on the other hand, it is in such a way hidden behind ordinary symbols, that the understanding and ability to use it is not available to many.


Mystical Tour ‘Where the Force resides’Explorer

Ayauaska (Ayahuasca) is a Latin American herb of immortality. At the same time, it is a certain kind of strength that can come to those who take part in the ceremony Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca ceremony - a special mystical moment in the life of any who dare to meet force Amazon. This is a special kind of experience.


Sufi YogaPhilosopher

The grass and the trees, the rocks and the fields, everything that announces and anticipates, everything that can be seen as One, is Alif. The station Ba is separation after unity (tafrika). Each true doctrine has a form that draws us ever nearer to the understanding of the soul. The station Jim is a space that collects and forms a unity.



Tango is the art of dancing in search of yourself. Who says tango is a partner dance? Tango is the loneliest dance of all. Yes, it yearns for a response however this might be the response of the raindrops falling on the pavement or the dancing snowflakes… Tango is a dialogue with the surrounding space, yet who or what carries through this dialogue is of no relevance to the tangueros. What matters to is the state.



Meridians form an essential energy structure in the body that determines the energy circulation processes in Man’s body in relation to Man’s personal structure. The modern theory of meridians differs considerably from the traditional Taoist concept. The reason for this lies in the Mawangdui manuscripts (discovered in the beginning of the 1970s) dating back to the 170 BC.


Laboratory of DevelopmentPerson

Laboratory of Development is a project based on the experience I’ve been gathering for 35 years studying the knowledge systems, practices and doctrines of the basic ethnic groups all over the world. The practice base thus developed is in fact a method for human improvement and development.


Belly dance – the art of livingPerson

The dance is a form of filling up for women. This is  the art of living of the feminine principle, because the woman can only live in  the actions that fill her up. The actions that don't fill up the woman, on the  contrary, exhaust her both physically and spiritually.


Longjing teaPerson

Longjing green tea (龙井茶) is China's national pride. Due to its exceptional properties, flavor and aroma, it is recognized as the country's main green tea. Growing in different regions, the Longjing green tea has various types, but especially appreciated by the connoisseurs is the famous tea from Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province), called “Dragon Well”.



Synchronization is the level of practice, which is characterized by the notion of axis. In reality, this is the Doctrine of Naturalness, which has its own physical basis. The first condition for synchronization is filling up. What is the form that should be filled up? That's the main difficulty for a person who is starting to practice, because he needs to understand what is really hampering his development.



Concentration is one of the most important topics related to human development. Only those who have mastered concentration can progress in their practice since thus they have gained access to the concept of measure. The highest knowledge accessible to Man is the knowledge of concentration because this is the effort with the highest frequency controllable by Man. This effort helps him to understand not only his own nature but also the nature of super-consciousness.


The teacher and the student. A private opinion on a general questionPerson

This topic is, I’d say, more important for me (as well as for those who teach others) than for you. Having written an article entitled "The teacher and the student", where, first of all, I demonstrated the conditions which characterize the relationship of the teacher and the student, and having received many questions related to this article, I decided to continue the topic. And since the questions were addressed mainly to me personally, I will actually continue to speculate on this topic from the perspective of my own experience.

Institute for The Development of Man

The Way of WomenPerson

The question of understanding or defining the idea that forms a kind of consequential understanding of women from the perspective of their development or life, can not be declarative by nature, or, indeed, purely argumentative by nature for two fundamental reasons. Because the main problem when we consider the question of women lies, first of all, in the emotional perception, and secondly - in the ad-hoc behavior of society towards women.



Pseudo freedom is the exchange of one space where the person has not managed to find realization for another. People who have not learned how or are incapable of strengthening or immersing themselves into something, sooner or later get tired of this, they get tired of the space they cannot find realization in or cannot correspond to. Of course we can exist in such a space for a rather long time and we can also help the space distract us from ourselves.


Geometry of the BodyPerson

The inability, incompetence and unwillingness of contemporary Man to work on himself is typical not only for those who do nothing but also for the ones who are engaged in something. Development requires a genuine understanding of what you do and a genuine result. And the genuine result is the internal satisfaction from the process.


The practitioner: The difference between the first and the second levelPerson

One of the basic problems for the practitioner is related to the fact that the beginner does not focus his attention on where he might be in the nearest future. He is in a state of expectation, thinking that things will naturally clarify themselves, they will come naturally. As a result, he is not simply incapable of moving ahead, but disguised under new ‘garment’ his old problems get reinforced and he starts actually moving backwards.


The Muscular SystemPerson

The muscular system in the Taoist tradition is related to the concept of the Alchemical body. The muscular system is in fact the whole body. In the modern world this system is — from the very beginning — subjected to unsystematic and unnecessary (above all for the system itself) development both by the people who strive for physical development, and by those who neglect it completely.


Healthy Eating Person

Food determines our sensations, our quality, gives or takes away our energy, it takes up our time. Speaking of eating habits, humanity does not realize that it understands nothing, and that it simply follows certain reactions, foundations and traditions. Throughout his life Man develops his own experience on the topic of "eating" and forms his own style. This experience affects Man’s physiological properties and, as a consequence, his resulting dependencies. No matter how we view eating, it determines our behavior.


Mistakes of the people engaged in inner practicesPerson

Today, when the concept of development is determined in different ways by different people, when development is defined by those who aren’t actually engaged in it, it’s really hard to instill in people the need to understand what development is exactly, instead of getting engaged in it without the proper preparation.



Skin system is a complex and organised system that first of all depends on the circulation of energy in the lungs and depth of breathing. I.e. in essence from the effort we have during breathing we can tell about properties and quality of skin.



A student is, first and foremost, a condition for development, and second – a definition for a man who believes he possesses the qualities of a student. However, whereas the first is independent or scarcely dependent on the person, the second is a developed condition which combines the learning experience with the ability to learn.

Institute for The Development of Man

Brainless means unfocusedPerson

Unless our mind is focused, we cannot develop our body symmetrically since the energy is not distributed evenly. The focus of the consciousness is determined either by its total suspension or the development of an interlocking effort. In fact – although this may sound a bit offensive for the ones who work on developing their brain – in terms of energetic indicators, for the body the state of not-thinking is equivalent to the state of thinking. In other words, ‘Brainless’ is either the person who has not learned how to think normally or the person who is being distracted from the state of not-thinking by certain thoughts.


Body PartsPerson

Originally a human body is one whole mechanism that relies on specific rhythm of breathing (put there by innate internal proportion of a human that is a measure of breathing) and a specific measure of movement (coming from external proportions that are regulated by hands, legs, head and tummy-single source of nutrition).


The Palace of the Great Lord (Tai Huan Gong 太皇宫)Master

The palace of The Great Lord (Tai Huan Gong) is situated in the forehead region and corresponds with the frontal lobes of the brain. This Palace determines regulation, rate of development of a human body and is directly responsible for building operations of the body. This is a supporting Palace but it has significant capabilities.


Structure of Daoist BodyPerson


Properties of TastePerson

Taste is a basic property of activity of the consciousness-the perception, actions-their quality. Taste in the context of food is one of the different kinds of biomechanical reactions, perceived by the receptors of the tongue and the mucus of the mouth.


Mistakes of Taiji Quan PractitionersPerson

Most of taiji practitioners think that they have got a result by remembering sequences and movement in the form or by feeling confidence in their movements looking like movements of great masters. In reality this doesn’t mean at all that a practitioner does not make mistakes. Mistakes can be separated in to mental, physical and energetic. Here are some of them.


Foundation of Practical MethodsPerson

Practical Methods is based on 7 major aspects.

Ток-шоу Гуру

Five Main Ways of LearningPerson

We can define five main ways of learning: group practices, individual session, master classes, seminars and workshops. Regardless of what format we pick to teach a person we should keep his individuality. This means to point a person primarily to look at oneself. To make that happen it is necessary to follow how does the practitioner focuses during classes, how one concentrates.

Institute for The Development of Man

Problematic Points of LearnersPerson

In practical methods we can reveal problematic points and zones for learners. Regardless of what kind of collective education and how we direct it – from a position of a host, instructor, master or a teacher, we should always understand that no matter how many people there are in the same space, they start to influence that space and every person brings his advantages and disadvantages. The most important in the space harmony, being in naturalness.


Knowledge Should Be Higher Than UsPerson

Often practitioners rely on a person, a human. This should be analysed. We should understand that knowledge should always be higher than us. It doesn’t matter how we call this knowledge – Daoist yoga, belly dance, or something else. The task and principals are all the same everywhere.

Ток-шоу Гуру Institute for The Development of Man

First Law of Education – Do Not DisturbMaster

When a person comes to you to practice firstly you should consider – do you need him in your practices? Maybe it’s best to advise him to go to another group, to prepare, and then come to you…

Ток-шоу Гуру Institute for The Development of Man

The BloodMaster

The seed of father and the blood of mother define our existence in space of our physical nature. Blood is the main source of nourishment for the brain. Our feelings experiences and emotions depend on our blood circulation. But most importantly the ability of the body to capture the process of energy breathing depends on the state of ones blood.


Celtic AlchemyResearcher

One of the basic principles of alchemy as a science is to collect, unite and connect all the parts of a universal knowledge. The heritage of the Celts is exceptionally valuable in this regard, since it reveals the value of the systematic knowledge of alchemy as a global, unifying and synthesizing science that collects and creates something new. Celtic Alchemy is a phenomenon that exceeds cultural boundaries, it brings together the religious, educational, historical and cultural heritage of many peoples. The Celts created a unique approach to understanding the world based on the principle of acting.

Code de Vino

Mutants of Today and How to Fight ThemPerson

In the new millennium the theme about the mutants became fashionable as never before - any “film-horror story” cannot do without them, they are used for making gaudy the titles of the most variable publications from scientific journals to daily newspapers, they have even penetrated into the language. However, we can't say that the mass and even elite culture shows some serious interest in the problem of the uncontrolled metamorphosis of Man and all living beings... What are the dangers of such carelessness? What spirit can expect us in a genetically unhealthy body?


The story of one bottle: San Pedro de Yacochuya 2006Researcher

The best wine should always be a model of aesthetics, which means – a work of art. “Wine is for enjoyment. If wine does not give pleasure, then why do it? “– Certainly this was the principle that guided Arnaldo Etchart, who in collaboration with the great enologist Michel Rolland created the masterpiece of Argentine wine-making – “San Pedro de Yacochuya” wine.

Code de Vino

Ancient Thrace – the homeland of wine cultureResearcher

What to start with the knowing of wine? If we try to answer this question, then we'll get into the context of a specific culture, where the unknown is a lot and there are both rational and irrational approaches – to the knowledge about it. Initially wine had been a mystery and the journey into the world of wine would be appropriate to begin with the mysterious ancient Thrace.

Code de Vino

A Meeting with Michel RollandResearcher

For already 30 years I've been studying the ancient civilizations and as an archaeologist I've been unearthing the greats. Mr. Rolland is such a remarkable find that not a single researcher could remain indifferent to it. Our meeting was specifically timed to coincide with the full moon, the Day of St. Martin, so that the special days were combined with a special person.

Code de Vino

Culture of Water ConsumptionResearcher

Our molecular basis is water. There is not even one system of the body that doesn't depend on it, because we consist almost entirely of water. On the quality of the aquatic environment in our body depend all the biochemical processes, the human reaction to the world around us and, finally, the time of our lives. Therefore, the knowledge of water is one of the major arts and a major challenge, which today stands before Man.

Code de Vino

Moko maoriResearcher

For some people, the tattoo is an ornament, for others, a symbol carrying information about the man's life. For the Maori, who are living in the southern part of Oceania, the tattoos are a way of communication with the world. This element of the Maori culture is not applicable or decorative, but fundamental.


African YogaExplorer

African yoga is the art of transforming by working with your body work in various rhythms. This practice helps cultivate one’s movements and sensational fulfillment with the help of rhythm. Africans know since ancient times that understanding the link between rhythm and movement helps one achieve deep internal transformations. They believe that dance is key for shaping one’s power and one’s relation to the Ashé, the energy that fills the entire universe.

Африканское тело

What is good and what is badPerson

How can we answer these seemingly ordinary questions that our children ask if we realize we have, in fact, no clear answer for ourselves? How can we teach our children to think independently, and not mislead them with some clichés and formulaic replies? How can we communicate well and build a good relationship with our children so as to help them avoid making the mistakes we have made? How can we teach our children not to judge yet still be able to distinguish clearly light and healthy from dark and sick?


The Healthy Lifestyle MythPerson

Thoughtless lifestyle destroys us every day. We fall victims to information technology and loose connection to our true selves. I wish readers would stop and think about their own attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle. This concept is formed through a number of products presented in the form of gymnastics, fitness, eating habits, different types of yoga and sports. Yet does it really help us preserve our health? Or is healthy lifestyle a kind of a very lucrative PR product?


Sacred DancePhilosopher

It doesn't take so much for the dance to be born – just a sound and a response of the body to it. It may be the rumble of the African drums, or the rain, hitting the pavement, or it may even be the heartbeat. Nature has endowed each Man with certain rhythms that ask a question, and certain movements that give the answer to it. Their coincidence creates the dance - the dialogue between the body and music, the dialogue between Man and himself or another person, the dialogue with God or the Universe.


Hawaiian alchemyResearcher

The Hawaiian alchemy is the embodiment of the secrets of the North-Polynesian culture. This is its top, because on the territories of the Hawaiian Islands are the most active mountain volcanoes in the world. The erupting lava from them did not only create the islands, but also became the basis of the fiery culture of Hawaii.


Alchemy of TuishouPerson

More and more people realize that martial arts are not about random fighting but are above all discipline, strategy and tactics, in other words martial arts are related to inner work. Tui shou (Chinese for ‘pushing hands’), initially known as jie shou or da shou, is a practice developed to the highest degree by the Chinese art of Taiji quan. However Tui shou is essentially much deeper and broader than a simple set of exercises or techniques for applying taiji quan, as it is sometimes perceived.


Scottish CoffeeResearcher

I do not know who, where and when came up with the idea of drinking coffee. But for some time, I have every reason to believe that it was not in the searing Africa, the spicy India, and not in the sunny Brazil, but in the ancient mysterious Scotland. At least, I was convinced by my own experience: they are real experts in true coffee.

ALQUIMIA Travel Code de Vino

The Pulse of LifeExplorer

Do you love jazz? Or may be the place of honour among the discs on your shelf is occupied by a Bob Marley compilation of albums or a collection of soul-blues? Does your son, coming back from school, play rap in his room, and your daughter is interested in dancing and in the weekends disappears to salsa parties...? Sometimes we do not even notice how the culture of another continent, at first look strange and unknown, enters into our home, our life and becomes a part of us. However strange it  may appear - it is only at first glance.