Mutants of Today and How to Fight Them

In the new millennium the theme about the mutants became fashionable as never before - any “film-horror story” cannot do without them, they are used for making gaudy the titles of the most variable publications from scientific journals to daily newspapers, they have even penetrated into the language. However, we can't say that the mass and even elite culture shows some serious interest in the problem of the uncontrolled metamorphosis of Man and all living beings... What are the dangers of such carelessness? What spirit can expect us in a genetically unhealthy body?

Why the term “mutant” sounds negative and even sinister, when, in reality, exactly the mutants are making the evolution?

If the snow, before it reaches the ground, becomes water, then it is not quite correct to call it a snow. The problem is that it turns into water before we could see its original form. If a person shows some values that correspond to his nature, then he must totally realize, if he really corresponds to the nature that he calls human. Exposing yourself to daily chemical, electromagnetic, and other physical effects, a person deprives himself of the most important – the quality of existence, which may allow him to realize himself more deeply as a human. Moreover, these changes occur at a molecular level, and that's why Man is not in a condition to entirely assess and understand their importance. Therefore, if we consider Man from a position of a human, then the mutation cannot be evaluated as a positive thing, because it happens out of the authority of Man and against his nature.

Is that the main difference between mutation and transformation?

If we consider Man as a cyborg, then the mutation simply does not carry in itself the mark of Man. And although it, as well as the transformation, changes the human rhythm and his consistent energy development, yet all this happens in a frequency that is not inherent to Man. Thus, we can say that the mutation introduces an additional form of existence, which subjects Man and is an unnatural form for him.

The mutation initially implies physiological changes that definitely have an impact on the spirit. The question is in the right to talk about spirituality in this case. In fact, the mutation, as an alien process, changes Man by the law that is familiar only to it. The attempt to trace and control the mutation is one initially failed idea; against the seeming possibility to control it, in reality Man cannot oppose anything to it, except to give the mutation a chance to win against itself. It's possible from a normal potato to make a mutated one, by changing its genetic structure, but once the mutated potato gets inside a person, the whole control disappears.

However, there are still no visible evidences about the harm of the mutated products of the civilization to the soul...

The changes occur at a level that is negligible to the perception, but when the body still changes, there are already no places for a spiritual development anymore. The only thing that remains to Man is to define, though his definitions carry a declarative-informational character only, so it's enough to change the information and he'll start using completely different definitions. Man becomes in fact a multi-channel TV set, which channels are switched by a force that is mysterious to him. In other words, today in order to achieve spiritual enrichment and transformation one needs not so much to preserve his original assignment by nature, as to oppose himself to the mutagenic violence of the chemical, physical and electronic technologies.

How inevitable is the future, in which the people will have to eat only genetically mutated foods?

The future is already present. So, it's not essential anymore, if we'll pass entirely on gasoline or not.

How can we adapt to the wildly changing environment and stay at same time a human being?

Just throw away any attempt to adjust. Trying to bark at a rabid dog can have one outcome – an infection with rabies. The river has already overflowed its banks and if we attempt to stop the flow, we only strengthen its head, or the uncontrolled that has no longer sense to control. The attempt to stop yourself today is a much bigger art than being a part of whatever it may be. Any adaptation is already not a human way ... Even if you have, let's say, well adapted to an oil or gas pipe.

The scientists predict the emergence of an artificial intelligence already in the next decade. What does it actually represent and what will be the consequences of its occurrence?

The scientists can predict anything, it is their right. Our right today is to use the lack of intelligence as such: the schematic arrangement and systematic control that are implanted today, already exclude the vitality of the intellect caused by its uselessness. The intellect becomes privilege to a limited number of people, who are getting closer to madness, due to their understanding of what is happening around. However, if we take into consideration the fact that intelligence is now confused with demagoguery and the speculation with “volume thinking”, then I think that the new generation does not understand the difference between intelligence and "parametrical formulas filled with transcendental unity of apperception", that is complicated information that creates a sense of knowledge.

Is schizophrenia a mutation of the spirit?

The mutation of the spirit is schizophrenia. And the schizophrenic is already free of mutation, as well as transformation. Those, who are healing him, are the ones who are not free.

How the synthesis of biological life and machines will happen? Man will simply increase his cerebral cortex by silicon chips, or the union will happen first at the level of micro-organisms and animals?

Let's not talk about the silicon chips. On a global scale, at the level of the planet, there has long happened a connection between the mechanical and chemical. The mechanics of the human body has changed in such a way that Man has even lost his natural gait, in fact, he only needs to take his body from the TV to the shop and back. When the changed chemical composition of the body does not allow him to feel even his own saliva, then it does not matter in whom the irreversible mutations will occur faster, because Man won't have enough internal resources to realize this.

Is it possible, in principle, a mental-psychological cloning, that is actually to attain immortality?

Yes, it is possible, only on one condition, if it is managed to create not only the right spiritual form during the cloning, but also it is given the opportunity to fill up within a certain period of time, after which the manifested form will become perfect. But here we already have the problem with the technology of cloning, which requires an understanding of the macrocosmic processes. In other words, those, who are involved in cloning, will need a very serious preparation.

Will mutation change the human vulnerability during the environmental threats?

Yes, it will, and already changes it. The providing of a pygmy or a member of a lost tribe in the Amazon forests with a bottle of Coca-Cola, if not sentence him to immediate death, then at least it will disrupt the work of his internal organs. Today, we are forced sometimes to take different chemical drugs, such as cola, only not to “poison” ourselves with the clean air or the clean water, which we “let” in ourselves in some untouched by the civilization place. Our body does not resist and take in the various chemical effects, disrupting the work of the body in general and the consciousness in particular. That's the reality, in which we live. Let's think about, for example, why today so many children like the smell of gasoline.

Is it possible the occurrence of one “unified” kind of intelligent being based on both west and east civilizations, or the Asians and the Europeans are destined to develop in parallel, competing and sharing experience?

Actually, parallel thinking beings are in the parliament of each country – east or west. This issue is more likely to correlate with the notion of spirits, which the mediums communicate with. But if the mediums sometimes have an idea what kind of spirits they call, then certainly exist some doubts regarding the members of the parliament. The people has always been interested in something extraordinary: the West is interested in something “eastern”, the East –in something “western”. But as long as this hobby, as a rule, is semi-unconscious, then along with the demagoguery about this interest, springs up an uncontrollable excitement. In this certain moment is born a “single-minded surrogate”. The community of such “single-minded” creates a field that is completely pointless to water, better irrigate with chemicals; subsequently these irrigated will create their own kind and also will elect the supreme “irrigated one”, who will manage them- so, that's how we get a brand new “unity”. Today Man has almost nothing left that he could use to cling to the notions, which hypothetically could lead him later to knowledge.

Can the genetic engineering create “an enlightened man”?

Let's define first what means “an enlightened person”, as the variable spiritual directions introduce a different understanding in this meaning. For some, this is the pinnacle of the human state, which is particularly based on, for example, the Christian religion; for others – it is the natural capability of each person, according to the teachings, for example, of Taoism and Hinduism. Therefore, the creation of an enlightened person does not solve the issue as a whole. The example for this could be Krishnamurti, who they specifically created as a perfect man. But this perfect man could not get accustomed to an imperfect world. Therefore, the creation of something of high quality must come from the inside, and not be imposed from the outside. The principles and knowledge that could guide people are important, not the moral and bases, which everyone interprets in his own way, simplifying his perception of the world to a primitive one. If modern man believes that he lives more interesting and better life than the primitive communal, then he is deeply mistaken. The paradox is that our ancestors lived by the laws of nature, and we live in accordance with the laws that we do not even understand, filling our existence with a bunch of chaotic emotions that manipulate us. Man, however, in response to these manipulations, believes that the feelings he experiences are real human emotions. The anger, aggression, greed, envy have never been forms of human emotions, these are forms of animal emotions. No matter how rare or often they occur in Man. Because, if they really exist, then they can already develop, exerting visible and invisible destructive influence upon human nature.

Do the world religions need to be modernized in connection to the furious paces of the development of technological progress, or their fate is to be superseded by new, more appropriate religions?

The world religions in our time take a position to protect their principles and ideas, and it is natural that they would use those means that are actually changed in regard to the original source. I would even be ruder: the religions now resemble the business programs of some clannish groups, which are built on the principle of the pyramids and give in return an indulgence to the present by using the unintelligible future. Any our reasoning, any pleas for anything – that's no more than a request to God for mercy on a given topic for writing. Now Man does not need the truth about himself – he is just afraid of it. Therefore, from the lies he creates his own “truth”. And that's a fact without the definition of what is better: the lie or the truth – both of them are equally used in accordance with the vision of a particular problem. Or, even more correct to say, in accordance with the lack of vision about the problem.

How to recognize a mutant in the crowd? What will be the difference between the mutants and the ordinary people?

Is this a question of a human or a mutant? If a mutant, then this recognition is not included in his task. If a person, then look closely at the uncontrolled actions of the people around. Everything that today is normal to define as nervous or mental disorders is directly connected with the mutation of the systems. Have you ever wondered why the leg of the talking on the phone or just sitting at a desk person sometimes starts to shake? Where does it come from, if the person is doing something completely different? It is actually shaking at the expense of an uncontrolled form of energy that lives its own life, using the person's body. So let's not pay attention to the mutants, who are already enough, but to the people. However, the fact that we have all mutated to some degree is already a reality.

How is the function of sex going to mutate in future?

The same as the dog turns on the horse, the horse turns on the dog. Why think about the way the mutants are having sex, if now all people are having sex as mutants. The art of sex has already died, only a small group of individuals remained, who managed to keep the connection between the penis and the head. For the majority of people the head is subjected to the penis, as this is one of the places in the body, which kept its sensitivity. Nowadays the man's body is so blocked, both physically and energetically, that soon the difference between it and a silicone doll may even cease to exist. The man is already unable to get from the woman, what she is supposed to give him, and vice versa.

Is it possible to solve the problem with death by the means of a genetic revolution?

No, it isn't! It's possible only by the recreation of alchemy as a system of serious scientific knowledge, which is based on the instruments of human development. We should not restore and support the body without the development of the energy and consciousness. That's the main mistake of genetic engineering. The restoration and development of the body is possible only at the presence of internal resources in the human body. So, let's say a person has problems with his body, but his consciousness is at a higher level of development, which means that he has the necessary inner power to restore himself. Otherwise, when the consciousness is not developed, then a similar restoration will resemble the creation of mutated bulls and cows.

The genetics can only help if the person is developed in order to be slaughtered after that. Death comes not at the moment when the heart stops, but when a person permanently loses control of his life, i.e. his development. The presence of a body, even if it's functioning, is not enough for the life of a person, because that's only a biomechanical creature with animal instincts. In ancient times such people were destroyed, and now they are grown.

As for the ancient cultures, in which they practiced alchemy, their knowledge was designed to maintain a person in the first place as a human. This was its real value. Fragments, also somewhere whole layers of knowledge that have survived to the present day, can be found in the Daoist, Celtic, Zoroastrian and many other traditions, in which the effort, the ability to work and concentrate, and be at the same time in the natural rhythm of life, used to fill up and give Man the opportunity to realize his human nature.

What are the basic principles of the interaction between the human energy and the energy of the environment of a metropolis?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question, because in order to define the principle and nature of human interaction with the environment, including the metropolis, it is necessary to study its energy map. But in any case, the determining factor is the level of a person's dependence on the outside world. If this dependence is too strong, in fact the person does not belong to himself and all his energy goes into the maintaining of the communication with the outside. However, a lot depends on how a person develops his mind and if he develops it at all. That's why, the principles must be sought, proceeding from the extent of awareness of a man's life.

Is it possible in a cyborg to occur chakras?

In my point of view, there is a misconception about the chakras. It's incorrect to consider the chakra as some energy center. This is a certain mechanism of several centers, forming a mini-matrix structure that is able to produce and process the energy of one of the levels. The classification of the levels is determined by the horizontal and vertical links. In accordance with this, the chakras can be as much as the working levels in a person, and certainly not seven, as it is generally accepted. The cyborg is a structure that has its own matrix or several matrices, the energy of which determines its actions and life. The difference, respectively, is simply in the amount of matrices and chakras and their quality.

Are the drugs a factor, contributing to the mutation?

The drug is a condition, setting a temporary or permanent change. The temporary – that's something that does not affect the personal nature of Man, and eventually goes away. The permanent – that's what changes the inner nature. This can be either a mutation, or a transformation. So, let's look at the drugs not as to a certain dose, but as to a field, in which а flock is grazing.

The mutation in a living organism begins with the breaking of the DNA bonds: whether it would be the influence of the polluted environment, the way of nutrition or drug use, but there comes a situation when the body does not have enough resources to eliminate these gaps. In general, the number and variety of hazards for a genetically healthy life in the modern civilization is truly threatening. Can a person, by consciously working on his energy, physical and mental recovery with the help of such “internal hygiene” as the practice, save himself from destruction at a molecular level? And if yes, then how does it happen?

For a start, in order the practice to become something real, not speculative, is needed a real knowledge, multiplied by time and work. All that we now call practice – yoga, tai chi, meditation, qigong, etc. – in reality is not a practice. This is some process, in which the people are involved in due to their effort of will, usually not realizing the reasons for this. In this sense, the practice has long ceased “to be practiced”. Today, it is the destiny of a fairly narrow circle of people, who really understand what they are doing and why. Unless a person develops a discipline of the spirit, he won't be able to realize himself in any process. Therefore, today what they call practice is simply an adaptation under certain conditions, satisfying the mutated consciousness. A person cannot find even 30 minutes a day for to read a serious book, calm his breathing, bring the work of the channels in a normal state, and you're talking about practice. It's the same like if you stop a runner at the finish line and ask him: “what's wrong with your breathing?”. The internal hygiene is certainly needed – no doubt about it. But also a knowledge is needed! And you can't get any knowledge in half an hour. However, everyone now has learnt to do everything in half an hour. Today, the person, who is mired by the pseudo-knowledge of modern medicine, modern psychology, modern system of education, where they are not able to give him any knowledge, but they only recommend and advise him, is totally impossible to cling to something. Everyone must start with himself.


08 august 2007

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