«In ancient times, the people have being learning so as to improve themselves. Now they learn so as to surprise others. » (Explorer)


The Highest Form of Development Explorer

The highest form of development is the penetration into the culture. What is culture? This is a timeless characteristic, which becomes part of the life. This is one constantly performed ritual aimed at the maintaining of all possible links with the space. This is a definite rhythm of existence, expressing the attitude to the world and being at the same time a part of it.

The Life Inside the Dreaming Explorer

The question that I would like to address here is related to the techniques of Dreaming. Originally, this technique did not exist, because the Dreaming was just a natural manifestation of the women's vector of development and it was exclusively a priority of women, and also men with prevailing characteristics of female energies. I would also like to say that the technique of Dreaming for men passes in waking state, and for women – in state of sleeping.

The Dreamers Explorer

There are three types of people, and two of them are more regular than the third, which is quite rare. It is important to understand the nature and the difference between these types, in order to know how the Dreaming effects each group of people. Every person approaches his own world of Dreaming from a different perspective, which causes different effects on him. In any case, the more conscious is the work of the individual, the higher the result will be from it.

The Dreaming Explorer

The Dreaming is a certain state of body, consciousness and energy. For certain number of people, this is a natural state of being, allowing the consciousness to resonate with the processes, first of all, caused by the braking of energy and its transfer to an enhanced mode of accumulation, i.e. the state when a natural regeneration and change of frequency of the energy occurs.

African Body Explorer

So, it turned out that the formation of Man began at the behest of the Cosmos, which endowed the first people with a super-conscious effort. Actually, the evolution of Man began with this ability of the first, so to speak, superhuman, who came, formed or regenerated from the Atlantis (according to different versions).

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The Astral City or the Crystal Temple

The peak of man’s development on earth is the construction of the Astral city. The Astral city is a place connected with certain points on the planet where the energy of the Sun and the Moon is reflected in a special way, creating a certain crystal model of existence capable of nourishing and maintaining this astral city.

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O-300 “Dunatis” Balsam

“The Nutrition of the Future” project represents the aromatic balsam O-300 “Dunatis” for nutrition and strengthening of the body of tension, which in our body is represented by the bones.

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Energetic is a product grown in a certain area, and due to its frequency response has the ability not to destroy itself. That means, it does not posess mortality classification.

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Nourishment of the muscles: Formula 400

Formula 400 (for people of average muscle mass) and Formula 100 (for people of high muscle mass) are aimed at collecting, activating and naturally distributing the energy in the muscles.

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Antioxidants are substances that suppress free radicals and with them the oxidation processes in the cell. What are free radicals? They are independent molecular bonds. Modern medicine found out that having such bonds is really bad so everyone rushed to offer, rather actively, products for their destruction.

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