«The friend is the one who looses you and takes away your time. The one who impedes you to rely on yourself. » (Researcher)


Integral mathematics Researcher

Integral mathematics is a type of a configuration that allows us to develop the energy of the brain by means of numerical signs - the numbers.

It is a measurement system that allows us to operate with the mass, system and language of numbers. Integral mathematics is a type of a hidden cone which sets the direction of the calculus; it is a unique tissue of knowledge, which allows us to operate with atemproal indicators.

The Secret Code of Mary Magdalene Researcher

This article is based on what I heard from someone I will name the Witness. He asked me to write down and pass on his message. I delayed this for a long time since I did not consider it necessary until I started describing and explaining the significance of the ritual and the Astral temple.

Measure of Transformation Researcher

The connection with power is a particular characteristic of effort which determines the laws of resonation. By knowing and expressing such laws, Man is able not only to integrate himself into space, but also control it.

Hair decoration Researcher

The decoration of hear is a question of femininity. It is a matter of internal discipline, so necessary and useful for women. The hear decoration is the woman's attitude towards herself and her self-positioning in space. But mostly, it is the physiological and energetic action, which actually represents and forms the woman's mentality.

The Measure of Alchemy. Celtic Alchemy or the Art of coordinating the Six Rays Researcher

One of the basic principles of alchemy as a science is to collect, unite and connect all the parts of a universal knowledge. In this regard the heritage of the Celts is exceptionally valuable, since it demonstrates before the world the value of the systematic knowledge of alchemy as a global, unifying and synthesizing science, that collects and creates something new. Celtic Alchemy is a phenomenon that exceeds cultural boundaries, it brings together the religious, educational, historical and cultural heritage of many peoples

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The Key to the Sanctuary

The key to the sanctuary is related to the issue of secrets: the secrets of building, where what is evident for some, is not evident for others. Just like Troy that was for some the physical embodiment of a particular place, but for others - just the idea of light refraction. Each sacred city, temple or place has its angle of refraction, which unites the ideas of death and rebirth, or even the idea of ​​transformation. The angle becomes a symbol, the symbol - knowledge, and knowledge becomes doctrine.

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The Dreaming Stone

This is, in general, a simple story with complex characters. So…

Kilwydd Wledig marries Goleuddydd and gets her pregnant. And this is exactly what we need in order to get if not King Arthur, then at least his cousin Culhwch. Further, the plan runs as follows: we need to wait until he grows up. But let’s not wait, let’s imagine he has already grown up.

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Stone of Destiny

Scone and Faith Hill, which is located at its center, have been a sacred place since ancient times. This is the location of a special stone that served as the throne to many generations of kings where they received the symbols of government. Gradually, this ritual acquired Christian characteristics and together with the Grail it became the basic tool of the Templars for acquiring knowledge.

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Lords of the Isles

United Kingdom is a country of islands. Each of these islands generates a particular energy as a result of the interaction of the land with the surrounding waters.

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The First Templar

When death came to the Earth, people created the first necropolis. And the first school teaching people not to die – the Sokara school. This school had 12 branches around the world, and the Celtic branch was named Oengus.

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