«Until a person hasn't learned the identification rhythm, he will be in the twilight of its existence. » (Person)


Manager Person

In the first place, a man represents a quality and to bind him to a profession today is not only impossible, but also dangerous. It is much more appropriate to bind this concept of profession to some human qualities. For example, considering the art of learning and developing an effort, or different technologies of thought formation.

Integral nutrition Person

Integral nutrition is a form of nutrition aimed at maintaining higher processes in the human body, where the main indicator is a certain type of tension. This tension is introduced or formed in the body by food that can be decomposed by frequency indicators.

Integral body Person

Integral body is a type of a body that has a special internal connection determined by linking the molecular structure thanks to a special type of tension.

The Brain in Taoist Medicine Person

Taoist medicine is a system of knowledge, developed on the basis of the practical experience in the art of nurturing the yellow and the white. This system is associated with the transformation of the body, and the peak in the understanding of this process are the conditions for the permanent existence of immortal consciousness (related to the science of immortality), formed in the laws of the Taoist body.

Anatomy of Development Person

The subordination of the soul to the brain, and of the brain to the body lays the foundation for the concept of 'anatomy of development'. However, comprehending this is a rather complex process because we do not consider the thought as a thought. We rather consider thought a certain impulse, which is processed without any effort on our part.

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Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.

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Steve Jobs and The Brain!

The fact that Steve Jobs had a special attitude to the brain makes him unique. This is actually the ultimate secret of his persona. Remembering the brain, developing the brain, observing the brain was to him perhaps even more important than using this instrument. Steve searched for and even developed his own methods for studying the brain by subjecting it to IT techonology, which eventually became part of his brain (or vice versa).

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FAQ: Education

Answers to a few questions on the subject of Education.

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Orphic Mysteries. Integral sound

Orphism is a metaphysical doctrine about sound. It represents the art of experiencing sound; it is the tantra of sound. The teaching was formed from a ritual passing through space, from the Orphic Mysteries. Judging by its attachment to the location, Orphism became a religious doctrine in the 6th century BC.

According to one version, Orpheus was a Thracian bard, who achieved immortality. This was the reason for the connection of the Orphism as a system of knowledge with the Thracian culture.

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Hello! Calling for you!

Bothersome thoughts tiptoe lightly
Coming closer, defying rebuff
Now I see them pointed and clear:
I have really had enough!
That's a point of realization, mark of knowledge
Sharp as knife

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