«Bad action, it is an action that destroys your spirit. These actions are associated with aggression, anger, fear, envy and similar phenomena. If you do not force yourself to develop, which means perfect body, brain and energy, it is also seen as a bad action, especially associated with the inability to realistically assess your actions and therefore, to realize them. » (Philosopher)


The Matrix of Dance Philosopher

Dance is an experience defined by certain tasks and expressed in a mental form. Dance is a quality that consists of either rest (if the body is in a static state) or motion (if the body is in a dynamic state). Dance is characterized by externally expressed positions and movements, it cannot be examined as a random or spontaneous position or movement because it is strictly directed at a certain mental work. It is always holistic, and in its entirety, it is based on a certain matrix.

Sufi Yoga Philosopher

The grass and the trees, the rocks and the fields, everything that announces and anticipates, everything that can be seen as One, is Alif. The station Ba is separation after unity (tafrika). Each true doctrine has a form that draws us ever nearer to the understanding of the soul. The station Jim is a space that collects and forms a unity.

Sacred Dance Philosopher

It doesn't take so much for the dance to be born – just a sound and a response of the body to it. It may be the rumble of the African drums, or the rain, hitting the pavement, or it may even be the heartbeat. Nature has endowed each Man with certain rhythms that ask a question, and certain movements that give the answer to it. Their coincidence creates the dance - the dialogue between the body and music, the dialogue between Man and himself or another person, the dialogue with God or the Universe.

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Hello, anybody there

Any response must rest on the question. The question must follow from the task. The task must highlight the measure. You know, that is like the situation: you show me and I'll believe you. It is possible to believe, only if you are able to believe, and not just put a sign "I believe".

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The Matrix of Arabic Dance

The matrix of Arabic rhythm determines the Maksum rhythm (4/4), which forms the dimensional figure – the cube, where the dance takes place.

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The Unexpected

Who said that the unexpected is when you do not expect anything? Human mind is always in a state of expectation although one’s body and energy are not always ready. Is Death unexpected? If this is the case, then no one wants to expect it. And yet not wishing to wait for death, we still expect it. Nothing is unexpected then!

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The Herd

The herd is a well-organized society, created by the government with the aim of facilitating control and manipulation. It’s a biomass, humanoid in appearance, which is sometimes called ‘the electorate’. It consists of people, who cannot think, do not have their own opinions, people whose only task is to react.

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Accept yourself for who you are

Understanding that we are who we are defines the development of the form we express. If we view life as a process, then our primary qualities are unimportant. They can be neither good nor bad. If we follow the course of the process called ‘life’, then we should be satisfied with what we have, and should start developing these initial qualities. And by the way, the more imperfect we are and the more inadequacies we possess, the more opportunities we have for development.

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