«The task of meditating is to unite the oneness. » (Master)


Energy Master

The problem of energy is a simple one if considered from a physical perspective, and a rather complex one, if considered from the perspective of esoteric perception. So why treat is esoterically if we can examine it physically? This is where we encounter the worst problem of contemporary Man – he cannot determine all things physically.

Mystery of the Jade Emperor. Daoist Alchemical Tour with Jie Kong Master

We start our trip and thus initiate our interaction with the laws of motion shaping the essence of external alchemy. This fact has long motivated and still motivates all Daoists to collect the valuable essence for internal transformation that helps reinforce the internal alchemy. The Daoist doctrine is based upon the idea of transformation that culminates in the ability to reach the crystal model of existence represented by the legendary Jade Emperor Yu Di.

Dantian Master

The Dantian center is a geometry concept based on the doctrine or the idea of preserving the One. The One or the unified center is a geometric center and the largest part of the circulating energy passes through it.

Meridians Master

Meridians form an essential energy structure in the body that determines the energy circulation processes in Man’s body in relation to Man’s personal structure. The modern theory of meridians differs considerably from the traditional Taoist concept. The reason for this lies in the Mawangdui manuscripts (discovered in the beginning of the 1970s) dating back to the 170 BC.

Synchronization Master

Synchronization is the level of practice, which is characterized by the notion of axis. In reality, this is the Doctrine of Naturalness, which has its own physical basis. The first condition for synchronization is filling up. What is the form that should be filled up? That's the main difficulty for a person who is starting to practice, because he needs to understand what is really hampering his development.

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By feeding our consciousness, we nourish our spirit

We need to really understand our spirit before we learn how to nourish it. If a person doesn't understand the physics of the spirit and for him it is esoteric, then the spirit will stay non-manifested for him, no matter how long we discussed it.

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Yin and Yang – this is the intrinsic nature of three-dimensional space, it is the existence principle of the space on this earth. Yin and Yang are in equal measure, and they represent space in accordance with their particular characteristics. So no matter what we do, no matter what we strive for, nothing can change this nature, until we understand the conditions that can lead us beyond the concept of Yin-Yang.

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The Art of Preserving One\'s Bodily Form

Our body is twofold and unless we achieve a unified bodily state, preservation is out of the question since the body is subject to the Yin code and the Yang code or the code of preservation and the code of development – a situation where each comes with its own requirements. Man cannot improve these codes, he can only worsen them, which transforms him from this double state into a triple or even a quadruple one.

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Human being so closely tied in to the biosphere is a very deep scientific mistake. Rhythms of the Universe exist regardless on human life even if one is not able to attune oneself. If we are talking about human body as about a piece of flesh- it is one thing, but if we are talking about a human body as a brain — it is a completely different thing.

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Жизнь человека следует оцениваться не с позиции ее продолжительности, а с позиции содержания. Человек умирает тогда, когда его жизнь становиться бессознательной, а не тогда, когда его на тележке везут на кладбище. Но одно дело — прекратить содержательное существование, а другое — вообще не иметь его, то есть даже не проявиться и не выразиться в человеческой форме, которую как раз содержательность и характеризует.

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