The Dantian center is a geometry concept based on the doctrine or the idea of preserving the One. The One or the unified center is a geometric center and the largest part of the circulating energy passes through it.

Each value must have a geometric form for this form determines not only the circulation of the energy but also its accumulation. The form also defines the energy that is transformed by it. This is in fact what distinguishes the models of the lower, the middle and the upper dantian.


The very concept of dantian serves as a prerequisite for binding the One through the forms. The primary form here is the cubical one which helps bind the energy. In the Taoist tradition this connected energy is called cinnabar.

Inside the geometric model a well is created, which makes the processes of transforming the energy within the body different with respect to the one predetermined by the human nature. This well is used for the formation of the inner pill, which is then cultivated. This makes the Lower cinnabar field or the lower field of unity the most important one for we must learnt to replace one kind of energy for another or, simply put, we must cultivate new qualities within ourselves.

Attaining internal confluence helps to strengthen the spirit and then to develop it. The creation of the internal well is the most important condition for the formation of the inner pill (neidan). The well itself performs functions similar to the functions of the uterus.

Nevertheless, acquiring the cinnabar is a difficult process that calls for the creation of the seed or the grain as well as its purification. What is really important here is to understand the laws for creating the well, because otherwise the creation of the elixir will not become a true quality but only a random function (which entails poor control).


In order to start the processes of sowing and plowing, we must first understand the 9 areas of the cinnabar field. Unless we have created a proportional effort in the area of the cinnabar field, we cannot develop an authentic mechanism of transformation, since the dantian is not a specific point. It’s a structure that requires that we first reveal and create a single center.

Actually, the very concept of dantian is empty: this is simply a place where the essence or the ingredients can be stored. We must understand the doctrine of the One or the system for including dantian. Simply having the information about its location is not enough because this place must be correctly build and not simply identified. If we do not understand the doctrine of the One, we cannot build the conditions for creating and then cultivating the pill, therefore we will, in the best case scenario, have a proper orientation of the energy but will not have achieved the ability to cultivate it. 


15 october 2012

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