Synchronization is the level of practice, which is characterized by the notion of axis. In reality, this is the Doctrine of Naturalness, which has its own physical basis.

The first condition for synchronization is filling up. What is the form that should be filled up? That's the main difficulty for a person who is starting to practice, because he needs to understand what is really hampering his development.

On what exactly is the axis supposed to lean, if there are abnormalities in the body, actions, and notions? From the perspective of the structuring of our energy, body and mind, it is important to understand two issues: what and how we eat, and how we breathe. These two external factors may improve, maintain or decrease our natural internal connections. Nonetheless, it is very important what we drink, concerning, especially water.

If a person drinks wrong liquids, certain deviations will appear at the level of molecular bonds, the functioning of the organs and systems of the body, and most important, at the nutritional level of the brain.

We are composed of water, and, of course, we depend on the structure of the liquids we consume. It is particularly dangerous for a person over 28 – 32 years of age. Because this is the period when his natural energy ceases to fill him up, and he starts to depend on the obtained or transformed energy. So, if we do not create a balanced state by building a healthy nutrition, which we depend on, we won't be able to do that in some other way.

The second point related to filling up is the rough food nutrition, not to mention the fact that the concept of rough food includes the mortal food nutrition. If a person consumes mortal food, he also minimizes the possibility to achieve a natural harmonious state.

If we are talking about axis, then we immediately start talking about filling up, which, first of all, is connected with the food and drinks we consume. Even the problem connected with breathing is also based upon the problem with nutrition.

Food - that's what a person is depending on, while he is in an unchanged energetic state. This means that food evokes certain feelings, reflexes, emotions, from which a person's mind and then body begins to depend on.

All this undermines both energy and mind, and, of course, the form of the physical body. It's easy to see if a person cannot fix his undermined mind by the way his physical body is gathered, and how harmonious it looks. The question of filing up sooner or later turns into a format of physical display. And the more rough energy we fill ourselves up with, the rougher form we take.

Even, those who accumulate energy through exercises, without knowing how to transform it, become addicted to an asymmetric condition. And if they don't move, they can probably keep some focus, i.e. stay synchronized, but they cannot endow movement with integrity. When we try to understand Naturalness, we first try to understand axis and harmony, then what and how exactly is filling us up, and finally, how this distracts us from the inner harmonious state.

As a rule, certainly the period associated with axis is the longest. Why we first study proportion? In order to take control of many processes. Developing the axis is the second format of development related to proportion.

When proportion is related to axis, it means six rotational efforts and two directional efforts associated with Heaven and Earth. In fact, we begin to study proportional efforts which allow us to maintain axis. Which are these efforts? These are: the effort of abdomen, the mind effort, the back effort, the chest effort, the hips effort, the knees effort, and two oriented efforts: of the feet and the crown.

All these efforts are considered together, because only in this case we can understand the proportion of the axis. These eight efforts are described by eight trigrams. The system of the Rotating Palms is based upon the knowledge represented by these efforts. Let's once again, remind that the axis is an achievement of the qualitative state of body and mind, which is unchangeable.

We can grow and develop ourselves, only when we reach a certain constant - a permanent quantity, not some casual thing. It can be stronger or weaker, but that is due to the forming of connections, which can be the strengthening and improvement, without changing the skeleton.

It is important to achieve homogeneity, not fragmentation. Without homogeneity, it is impossible to measure the actions. Therefore, we will do everything without measure or a foundation of measure will be absent. But in order to know measure, it is not enough to understand the foundation, it's needed to understand continuity.

In the beginning, the foundation is still needed, because it gives clarity about what to increase and a real understanding of the practice. But most importantly, it removes the doubts and the possible lack of understanding of what we do. This is the third condition of the sequence, and it is important to be understood in the laws of Method after the filling up and the proportion.

It is important to understand that the sequence also implies a parallel. But it doesn't mean that we first investigate the filling up, then the proportion, and then the axis, because that's the sequence of implementation. Running parallel must be the building of all principles of the Method. And here, it is important to understand what prevents us from building the axis.

The two main obstacles are blood and food. Blood has its own structure and circulation, overlapping our perception of higher frequency energy. It actually enters the brain, not allowing it to perceive more subtle processes.

Under these circumstances, we face an interesting next step. If, in the proportion we were bothered by the vessels of the body and their capacity, here, our body systems begin to disturb us. This is due to the fact that they are not included in the system of energy rotation or they have a deficient, or unbalanced energy circulation. The axis, in the first place, points to the blood, which prevents us from focusing. Then it points to muscles, preventing us from structuring, and in the last place - to the bones, preventing us from returning the energy.

Synchronization - harmony or naturalness is the first condition, allowing the energy to return (the Doctrine of the Returning of Energy). So, if we want to save the developed energy, we must learn to return it. Energy must always return, allowing us to transform it. Only transformed energy won't go anywhere, because it depends on the frequency, which is tied to the form of the body or the geometry of the body.

Synchronization is a condition for perfecting the geometry of the body and it is obtainable only by improving the geometry.

The third, important for the axis, aspect after filling up and proportion is concentration or focus. We cannot grow and develop in the understanding of the returning of energy if we do not take control of the mind. Therefore, the work with the mind, through the perspective of the axis, is the next step in the category of development of the axis. But in reality, this work is a very essential condition, because the conditions of the proportion and the axis are, to a great extent, determined conditions. The mind is an important factor for the understanding of axis and it should be adjusted. The mind should not be distracted from the tasks.

But in order to increase and train the axis we need rhythm. The fourth task in building the axis is the understanding of rhythm, which we use when working with the axis. This means that, our mind should be focused on the task in a certain constant volume and regular format. Until we haven't created the axis, we need to show the reasons why we cannot create it.

Because when we have created the axis, we can rely on it. Here is hidden another difficulty. If we create an axis through tradition, it sometimes happens so that the tradition does not strengthen the mind, but very often on the contrary, stops it. And, of course, you can achieve the building of the axis, but the mind won't give you to experience the property associated with this axis. That's why the rhythm, when we are increasing our axis and clearly understanding it with our mind, is very important. So, throwing ourselves in building an axis is not worthed, because we can create it before the mind is ready to operate this axis. This may take from three to fifteen years, depending on how seriously, regularly and accurately we approach the matter.

Finally, we come to the fifth part - the development of axis from a position of axis. The development of axis from a position of axis is associated with a real physical sense of the axis. This is a physical, not esoteric and not imaginary perception, or quantity, which the whole body can rotate against. Certainly, it is important to do some work, because the axis is not a desired result, it is a worked out result.

When we follow the Method, the Method will always guide us and take us where we want to go. And, of course, when we feel physically the axis, it will be a knowledge for us that the axis actually exists. This is not the situation when someone says: “Work on the axis”, and neither the one who listens, nor the one who is saying, understands what the word is about.

For example, some master creates an axis, but at the same time his mind is subordinated to this axis, and not the axis is subordinated to the mind. Naturally, his perception of other people's bodies will be through the prism of his sensations, and not through the prism of the man who has no axis. This, by the way, is the reason why so many masters of Bagua are “crazy”. They, in fact, created an internal axis – a drill digging the head from the inside, and the head does not control the digging. But this isn't from a position of “good or bad”, it is just a fact. They certainly don't feel bad from this, but we need to understand the peculiarity of the situation.

In reality, all of these five parts teach us how to go through five steps, from the balancing of mind to the centering of axis. As if, we knead dough and bring it to a thick texture, revealing the essence.

For the modern man the Doctrine of the Axis is a utopia. Because it is very hard to understand, or else accept this at the level of mind. At the level of sensations it is not sensible, and at the level of realization it is not understandable, and requires a lot of changes in the body.

In reality, we need the axis from a position of motion, not from a position of rest, which complicates the task. Only when we are in motion, we can use the effort and the quality of the axis. What is the purpose of the axis? The axis is used for developing in motion. However, we can achieve naturalness when we are sitting, not moving. We only need to have a center of foundation and that's all. The most important is not to move, in order to avoid falling into the conditions of the unformed body, which cannot hold this center. The systems of the body, in this case, are already showing their tasks, as was mentioned before.

In this connection, we have to start from the understanding of the body systems. The first system is the system of blood, predetermining our filling up, our feelings, and our sensations. The second one - is the muscles. We need to understand these two systems, if we want to move in the direction of creating an axis. The system associated with the returning of the energy – is the bones. This system also depends on the proportion.

Here, we complete the review of the axis. The next important aspect is related to concentration and rhythm.

But the aspect of concentration and rhythm is the next step and stage, which is partly included in these three tasks and should be reviewed later. It means that if you didn't manage your mind and rhythm from a position of filling up, proportion and axis, then the achievement of these two aspects stays out of the door of your understanding.

Synchronization conditions (development of axis)

  • Filling up
  • Proportion
  • Concentration
  • Rhythm
  • Development of axis from a position of axis


Questions and Answers

Following the Method, the axis is developed naturally, as a condition of the symmetry and proportions of the body. It allows you to keep, increase, accelerate and transform the energy. It appears to be an internal instrument. But still, the Jing energy is transitional and connects us with the timeless space to some extent. A certain vector or direction should be set in the space of the axis. At what stage of the development of axis this vector should appear?

We need energy in order to increase our capacity, the rest is a condition. The condition is either Heaven or Earth. Its manifestation depends on our ability to change our destiny, i.e. to change the geometry of the body.

What determines the measure of axis? Despite the fact that the development of axis carries an intermediate character, the mind is always trying to identify it’s “sizes”. As for its “length”, usually it is actively controlled and confined within the sphere or the physical geometry of the body, but has a tendency to "extend" far beyond in both directions. And if at the same time you begin to rotate the axis, you can feel its "extension", which, however, can be "set in motion" by using an effort. On the other side, in future, is the axis supposed to change its parameters and fit into a perfect sphere?
Does the axis have a “size”? The same question I want to ask about its “diameter”, which can be stretched to the form of a “string”. How do we measure the efforts needed for the control over the measure of axis, during the process of practice? (according to its filling up and the personal concentration).

Everything is very simple. The size of the axis is equal to the effort of one volution. So, it is important the volution. What is a volution - it is a foundation which is formed in a cinnabar field. It's enough to catch one volution in order to understand the perfection of the internal sphere. Further, we can already talk about the perfection of the outer sphere. The efforts that we can apply are six. All others are superhuman efforts.

Increasing our potential for recovery and identification, we increase, to great extent, the derivative Jing energy (in the volume of Chi), which determines the spatial form (figure). You said that the amount of Chi also affects the possible changes in the crystalline structure. On the one hand, we get rid of the Chi-connections, and on the other hand, with the help of these connections we can influence the structure of Shen. How do we take into account and form (also through proper nutrition) an optimal volume of basic energy? Is Chi involved in the forming of the effort of axis?

While we can use our body, we take into account the basic Chi, in the volume of Jing and Shen, for amplification of Jing energy. Until we replace the existing body, we should either use it, or refuse it, developing what we are endowed with. We can understand this, only when we are able to recognize the Chi and Jing energy through our mind. If all is one - then it's saying that we haven't overcome the temporary or prenatal space (in this case, it's the higher nature of our energy).

You say that the volution is a foundation for the axis in the cinnabar field. So, does a volution correspond to the transitions of axis (6 + 3 = 9) in the human format? It turns out that, according to the method, the volutions should be “tightened up” and connected into a spiral of efforts consecutively “from bottom to top”. Does it mean that the axis should start “from bottom”? And how are four more possible transitions (9 + 4 = 13) combined with the “tightened up” axis?

In order to build an axis is needed a form, an effort controlled by the mind. If we're moving, we need the axis and if we don't, we can do with the center. One volution has nine sectors, or they are rather eight, one transition. That is, if we look at it horizontally, if vertically – it varies, depending on the tonality, where seven volutions represent our internal space; all that is higher – are ultra-high frequency volutions.


19 april 2012

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