The story of one bottle: San Pedro de Yacochuya 2006Researcher

The best wine should always be a model of aesthetics, which means – a work of art. “Wine is for enjoyment. If wine does not give pleasure, then why do it? “– Certainly this was the principle that guided Arnaldo Etchart, who in collaboration with the great enologist Michel Rolland created the masterpiece of Argentine wine-making – “San Pedro de Yacochuya” wine.

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Ancient Thrace – the homeland of wine cultureResearcher

What to start with the knowing of wine? If we try to answer this question, then we'll get into the context of a specific culture, where the unknown is a lot and there are both rational and irrational approaches – to the knowledge about it. Initially wine had been a mystery and the journey into the world of wine would be appropriate to begin with the mysterious ancient Thrace.

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A Meeting with Michel RollandResearcher

For already 30 years I've been studying the ancient civilizations and as an archaeologist I've been unearthing the greats. Mr. Rolland is such a remarkable find that not a single researcher could remain indifferent to it. Our meeting was specifically timed to coincide with the full moon, the Day of St. Martin, so that the special days were combined with a special person.

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Culture of Water ConsumptionResearcher

Our molecular basis is water. There is not even one system of the body that doesn't depend on it, because we consist almost entirely of water. On the quality of the aquatic environment in our body depend all the biochemical processes, the human reaction to the world around us and, finally, the time of our lives. Therefore, the knowledge of water is one of the major arts and a major challenge, which today stands before Man.

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Alchemy of TuishouPerson

More and more people realize that martial arts are not about random fighting but are above all discipline, strategy and tactics, in other words martial arts are related to inner work. Tui shou (Chinese for ‘pushing hands’), initially known as jie shou or da shou, is a practice developed to the highest degree by the Chinese art of Taiji quan. However Tui shou is essentially much deeper and broader than a simple set of exercises or techniques for applying taiji quan, as it is sometimes perceived.