The Highest Form of DevelopmentExplorer

The highest form of development is the penetration into the culture. What is culture? This is a timeless characteristic, which becomes part of the life. This is one constantly performed ritual aimed at the maintaining of all possible links with the space. This is a definite rhythm of existence, expressing the attitude to the world and being at the same time a part of it.

Африканское тело

The Life Inside the DreamingExplorer

The question that I would like to address here is related to the techniques of Dreaming. Originally, this technique did not exist, because the Dreaming was just a natural manifestation of the women's vector of development and it was exclusively a priority of women, and also men with prevailing characteristics of female energies. I would also like to say that the technique of Dreaming for men passes in waking state, and for women – in state of sleeping.


The Dreamers Explorer

There are three types of people, and two of them are more regular than the third, which is quite rare. It is important to understand the nature and the difference between these types, in order to know how the Dreaming effects each group of people. Every person approaches his own world of Dreaming from a different perspective, which causes different effects on him. In any case, the more conscious is the work of the individual, the higher the result will be from it.

Laboratory of Development

The DreamingExplorer

The Dreaming is a certain state of body, consciousness and energy. For certain number of people, this is a natural state of being, allowing the consciousness to resonate with the processes, first of all, caused by the braking of energy and its transfer to an enhanced mode of accumulation, i.e. the state when a natural regeneration and change of frequency of the energy occurs.


Measure of TransformationResearcher

The connection with power is a particular characteristic of effort which determines the laws of resonation. By knowing and expressing such laws, Man is able not only to integrate himself into space, but also control it.


African BodyExplorer

So, it turned out that the formation of Man began at the behest of the Cosmos, which endowed the first people with a super-conscious effort. Actually, the evolution of Man began with this ability of the first, so to speak, superhuman, who came, formed or regenerated from the Atlantis (according to different versions).

Африканское тело

Dance of EagleExplorer

The Eagle Dance is the main dance of the Maya, although in a later period it was ousted by the Dance of the Corn, which merged three symbolic ideas of dance – the Serpent, Jaguar and Eagle. However, the plumage that was used in the Dance of the Eagle stayed as an external element of symbolism. What was the Eagle Dance for the Maya?

Laboratory of Development

Born by the MoonExplorer

The divine designation of the woman's plan is much broader than the concept of mother or woman of our times. Many years ago thirteen women materialized on Earth, possessing a variety of feminine qualities, but together forming a whole unit. The realization of the tasks that were given to them, failed: these women were scattered.


Hair decorationResearcher

The decoration of hear is a question of femininity. It is a matter of internal discipline, so necessary and useful for women. The hear decoration is the woman's attitude towards herself and her self-positioning in space. But mostly, it is the physiological and energetic action, which actually represents and forms the woman's mentality.


Tipova – the alchemical capital of MoldovaPerson

Each country is characterized by three main characteristics: the quality of the energy of the space, the quality of the people living on this land, and the alchemical capital. The first characteristic determines how much the place can give to the people, and how it can contribute to their development.


Way of Warrior, Way of Magician, Way of KnowledgePerson

The Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician and the Way of Knowledge are three categories of the Way, which are characterized by different features and characteristics. Each of them has its own resource. However, exactly in that order – the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician, the Way of Knowledge – one Way can be transformed into the other. As the task of each of the Ways is the presence of power, allowing not only stay on the Way, but also pass to the next level.


The Measure of Alchemy. Celtic Alchemy or the Art of coordinating the Six RaysResearcher

One of the basic principles of alchemy as a science is to collect, unite and connect all the parts of a universal knowledge. In this regard the heritage of the Celts is exceptionally valuable, since it demonstrates before the world the value of the systematic knowledge of alchemy as a global, unifying and synthesizing science, that collects and creates something new. Celtic Alchemy is a phenomenon that exceeds cultural boundaries, it brings together the religious, educational, historical and cultural heritage of many peoples


The Measure of Secret DoctrineResearcher

Where is the power here, where is the ego and where is god? Measure conceals the conditions for studying, the conditions for being and above all the conditions for self-development in being. Measure must teach man to detach himself from the incomprehensible, where the comprehensible is not what we perceive as familiar and what we agree with (or not) but rather what we put our efforts into.