Way of Warrior, Way of Magician, Way of Knowledge

The Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician and the Way of Knowledge are three categories of the Way, which are characterized by different features and characteristics. Each of them has its own resource. However, exactly in that order – the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Magician, the Way of Knowledge – one Way can be transformed into the other. As the task of each of the Ways is the presence of power, allowing not only stay on the Way, but also pass to the next level. Although, each Way must contain all three levels, the concept of the difference between these Ways is necessary for the identification of the Way's tasks, when we define the following of our intention.

In fact, today, everyone wants to walk through only one Way - the Way of the Magician. Why? Because this Way gives power.

The Warrior's Way is the Way of Work, which has two aspects. On the one hand, this is the generation of initial discipline and efficiency, and on the other hand, this Way leads to the development of aggression and the desire to use force. But in reality, it is essential for everyone who wants to move in the direction of development.

On the Way of the Magician you will encounter unlimited possibilities, effects, and affects of the life existence. But the most important thing is that you don't just encounter them, but somehow they are implemented through you. And very often, people tend to believe that it is them who implement these processes. It is also very important to understand how you came to the Way of the Magician: through the Warrior's Way, through the Way of Knowledge, or you, at once, became a Magician.

If you directly became a Magician, then you're just crazy. You can be crazy within the boundaries of a tradition or just by yourself. The positive effect of this state is that any Magician gets certain pleasure and satisfaction from the fact that he is a Magician. And the negative effect is that he interferes the others, because, becoming a Magician, but not taking control of his own body and energy, he, naturally, remains in his problematic qualities.

The Way of Knowledge is the most difficult, and very few reach it, because this Way implies that you have gone through the Way of the Warrior and the Way of the Magician. And, of course, this needs to be explained in the very beginning, because man always wants to be higher than what he represents.

Even, if we take the Way of the Warrior, we must understand that it is preceded by a lot of preparation, i.e. man cannot be a Warrior from the beginning. The main victory of the Warrior is the victory over himself. But we must understand that this Way creates a very big problem of unrealization, when, oddly enough, people are forced to prove to themselves and others their own importance and this usually happens quite aggressively and ignorantly.

The main problem of the Warrior is that he does everything in a hurry. As a result of this follows a compression of the internal spring, instead of its building. And, of course, the main aspect is the physical condition of man. Partly, this is reminiscent of the campaign for a medal: the Warrior is always striving to beat someone. This process becomes dominant for him, but the victory, basically, has a physical expression for the Warrior.

If the Warrior comes to the understanding that there is something more than just a physical strength, then he starts searching for more profound things, and he wants something unusual, a miracle: not just hit someone in the face, but hit him from a distance. So, he wants something magical, but instead, he remains a hostage to the Way of the Warrior. But most of all, it depends on the presence of real knowledge.

Unfortunately, the Way of the Warrior is more dependent on the work of creating efforts than on knowledge, and often the quantity is considered more important than the quality. Why? Because, the burnout of energy appears to be the needed emotion, for the supporting of the followers of the Way, in this particular direction. Somehow, it happens so that, on the one hand, the Way of the Warrior is a very important aspect of the development, and on the other hand, it is extremely dangerous.

It is also important to note that this way depends on the teacher / master, followed by the Warrior. And, if in the teacher or the master is not present the understanding of the teaching principles, it leads to a real collapse, when the Way doesn't become a Way, and turns into a game. The Way always has an orientation; you can be a Warrior, without following the Way of the Warrior. And here we must understand that, the Warrior is a temporary unit that needs a temporary space, but on the Way of the Warrior are those, who can go beyond time.

All kinds of Ways, the Way of the Warrior, the Magician and Knowledge, are determined by specific features, not names. These features depend on the vibrations of different frequencies: more rough, more human and more heavenly. The Warrior's Way leads to a state of loneliness, as the Warrior, above all, is a hermit.

Don't seek to become a hermit, without first going through the Way of the Warrior, that is, not to absolve yourself from the responsibility of interaction with the space. A person, who hasn't passed through the Warrior's Way, cannot become a hermit, because the mosquitoes will eat him! So the question is who we'll have at the exit: the one who controls the actions, or the one who depends on them.

The best Way for a man, unconditionally, is the Way of Knowledge, and for the non-human – the Way of the Magician (by the principle: “unlocked his mind, so let the Heavens guide him”). However, there will always be one obstacle and problem on each Way – knowledge.

You also need to understand the difference between those who are on the Way, and those who are playing with the Way. If you are on the Way, you follow the knowledge and the tasks, and only your ignorance can be an obstacle to this. Of course, every Way is able to help you achieve something higher. But more importantly, will you reach certain characteristics, on one of the Ways that will make you higher, at least, than yourself?

Is there something from which man depends on his choice of Way?

Of course, in the temporary space we depend on many parameters, but this point doesn't appear as a matter of principle. However, if you are not internally independent, your Way cannot depend on you. Of course, the prenatal karma determines a lot, but it's dangerous to talk about karma, without the understanding of its nature of energy.

Is a teacher needed, or it should be exclusively a personal Way?

It would be a mistake to think that everyone can have his own Way. Of course, we can implement it in different ways, but the Way is always higher than the personal value of man. It means that, it is a process. Every Way is like a river, and you cannot say: “I wanna swim in my river”. The question here is that, in one river you can swim faster, and in the other – slower. Swimming down the one river, you can die, and by swimming down the other – to save yourself.

The ignorance of man is implicit in his belief that the Way is a motion, through which he is able to achieve something. But the Way – this is a process. It is dangerous to stick it on the existing experience or actions, as many people do. The Way cannot be secondary to man, like, for example, when he started a family, gave birth to twenty children, and then he says: “I want to be on the Way, would all this bother me?”. The question of the Way is, first of all, a question of the availability of power, and if you have it, even the presence of children is not an obstacle. And generally, this is some kind of an idiotic situation when we indulge in arguments, whether the kids disturb us or not. So, the main question is not the presence of children, but what turned out with them, from their development, and this will affect whether they will interfere or not.

Many people ask: “Can I live in the society and be on the Way, at the same time?”. If you're standing on the Way, what's the difference where you're living? The Way – this is a process, the process – it's an experience, not just some slogan. But, even if we've reached some experiences, we cannot count them as a Way. If you didn't develop for 40 years, and then you did something for two months, that doesn't mean, yet, that you are on the Way. But what happens very often? A person, for instance, starts reading some book, then he moves to another place and he already cannot even continue to do the same thing! You have to depend on your own thoughts, not on the new conditions that were imposed on you.

Of course, every man can have his own comprehension of the Way of the Warrior, the Magician or Knowledge. But, in fact, there are very clear distinctions: the first – in the discipline, the second – in the rhythm, and the third – in the understanding of the scheme, which a person uses. The task of the Method is to teach you to operate the scheme, and this is already knowledge. It is, in fact, the ability to gather efforts.

The Way of the Magician really distracts man from his human quality, from the effort, which he can create because this Way offers him something bigger and more profound. The Way of the Magician requires super-consciousness, but very often the man's consciousness is too weak and it just shuts down. The idea is that, the Way of the Magician must be expressed, to some extent, in the Warrior's Way and in the Way of Knowledge. And any measure of achievement on the Way is an algorithm for our transformation. If the algorithm doesn't exist, then the first question is: are you on the Way or not? And the second question is: do you participate in it or are you just a part of it?

Is it possible to sharply move from one Way to another?

Of course, and following the Ways of the Warrior and Knowledge you can easily fall into the Way of the Magician, because the consciousness cannot withstand the load. But it depends on the prenatal situation of each individual. This can also be done by a directed influence on a person, immediately placing him in the Magicians, but you need to understand that in such case, the person may even lose the ability to be human.

What is the most logical tradition in the understanding of these three Ways?

Any tradition can be seen from two different sides: either we go from up, or we go from down. The question is in the navigation. Although, of course, it would be best, if one creates two. Here is needed to understand the difference between the Magician and the Man of Knowledge. Many people believe that the opening of the vision is the shortest Way of achieving something. Knowledge, no matter the level of it, must not to be confused with information. From the fact that you will one day find out that you are Buddha, nothing will change. Of course, you can go around and tell everyone about it (and there will always be, at least, five people who will say: “He is Buddha, I know him!”), but the power of your consciousness won't be able to do anything with it.

It is better to be a man with brains than a mindless Buddha. And it's not important that a revelation came to you, the important thing is what you can do with it. After that, if you will only be able to tell that Jesus came to you and said, “Here, it is necessary to build a church!”, then for your development this will be very little...

Do you know that, the Vatican issued a document instructing the faithful how to recognize if the real Jesus Christ came to you or not, because it started to happen so often ... However, if Jesus came to you after all, then you may be counted among the saints, and thus, somehow their numbers could be regulated ... Well, anyway, you get my point.

The most important thing, you must realize, is that you cannot go through the Way of Knowledge, at once, because, in the beginning, you can only orientate on it. And remember: if you do not attain integrity, you cannot reach anything.

The personification, of course, is connected with the choice of the Way. Most of the people, for example, who are on the Way of the Warrior, are not personalized.

Could the Way of the Warrior or the Magician be the Way of the Perfect Man?

Of course, it's possible, because it's a development of efforts.

Could a woman go through similar Ways?

I'll answer very simple: if a woman manages to live in the same conditions that she lives in, she can go either Way. The Way of the Magician or the Way of the Witch, she made that choice a long time ago, because any excessive injection of energy in the woman's mind is already the Way of the Magician, especially for the people around her.

What could be distinguished in each Way?

As a matter of fact, each Way has its advantages, but it is necessary to strive for the Way of Knowledge, because it requires to pass the Warrior's Way and the Way of the Magician.

Could I walk through the Way of Knowledge, not having walked through the Way of the Magician?

Theoretically yes, practically no, if you haven't experienced any super high frequency states. But that doesn't mean, that something should hit you on the head or Jesus should talk to you eye to eye. The super high frequency states are the knowledge of certain tension, which should become natural and adequate, not unusual.

Is an impulse development possible?

The Way - this is an orientation. The development you are talking about is possible, but not at the expense of the human development. Let's say, you came to Earth with super high frequency characteristics and this condition leads you. But, after all, the development is always an additional effort.
The Way of the Warrior is statutory enough and the moral and ethical level is clearly written for it, so why is the Way of Knowledge so vague?

Because it is a very high level, and it is impossible to be explained. It's needed to gain experience by learning how to be in the process of cognition. The landmark here is the Method. Consequently, if a person becomes knowledgeable of the Method, then he will, in fact, understand the idea of the Way of Knowledge. The alchemy is a transformation, an improvement, which makes it a process. The understanding of the Method is the passage of the Way.



Is it possible to follow two Ways at the same time? Or, is the Way divided into phases?
It's possible, and as a rule, that's what usually happens but it requires an internal definition.

Which practices are paramount and essential for the full restoration of the female body and its preparation for a conception and the subsequent nurturing a child?
The question is not in the knowledge, but in the one who gives it and the one who perceives it.

How to recognize the tasks? How much are the “the followers of the Way”? If the Way is triune, then usually it is individual and personalized, but if “the followers of the Way” have joined tasks, then what are the conditions to define it?
First, sort out the tasks, then put other questions. The task is the thing that formulates the intention. It is not defined by whether it's right or wrong, the task is a condition for focusing. So, you can define it by yourself. But the tasks have to be different, in order not to become a hostage to desires or reflex actions.


12 march 2013

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