The Palace of the Great Lord (Tai Huan Gong 太皇宫)

The palace of The Great Lord (Tai Huan Gong) is situated in the forehead region and corresponds with the frontal lobes of the brain. This Palace determines regulation, rate of development of a human body and is directly responsible for building operations of the body. This is a supporting Palace but it has significant capabilities.

Its work is important in constructing the axis of the human body-it allows to correctly regulate the effort of direction (Jing energy redistribution) – one of the rooms is responsible for that. With the help of the Palace of The Great Lord we get extra opportunities to structurize the body and to deepen the knowledge of nature even more. This allows us to release ourselves from the influence of qi-orientation (pre-natal orientation) to Jing-orientation (post-natal orientation).

This particular Palace takes up to 20-25% of the whole volume of all the places of our brain. The Palace of the Great Lord is formed in women by the age of 16 and in men by the age of 20. After that it either starts to deteriorate or the energy it holds becomes finer. By the age of 21 in women and 28 in men it becomes a support worker of the central Palaces. It is the last Palace of the brain that finishes its development of a physiological level, i.e. on the level of Chi energy.

Thus, the deepening in development of this Palace is only possible after 21 years of age in women and 28 years of age in men. The development of the Palace is determined by how centred one is at the moment when it becomes possible to operate this Palace. This ability of being centred is formed by the womb in women and by proportional effort in the brain by men.

The Palace is especially important in reaching a centred state in the brain, a centred effort in the body and thoughts. A transition of being occurs, where we come to understanding of the causes and actions we realise the responsibility and most importantly measures.

The most important period for this Palace in a human lifetime is after 30 years of age, when the primordial Chi naturally starts to fade away and the brain starts to form a new support pillar. In essence, the Palace of The Great Lord becomes the most important midheaven Palace that is responsible for creation of the centre of the Palace of the brain and integration of the rest of the Palaces in one whole system. The works of the Palace either disappear in small things or the Palace integrates them in one functional system.

The activities of the Palace of the Great Lord can be divided in three stages: first stage- the formation of the Palace. At this stage the Palace is responsible for the formation and development of muscles and consequently of the proportionality of the human. Here we are talking particularly about formation rather than management, i.e. about natural internal coordination of the muscular system.

After the creation of the muscular system (alchemical body) the Palace of The Great Lord starts to work with Jing energy and is involved in structuring impulses, also in organisation of interaction- either with a conscious effort (for which the Palace of the brain situated under Hippocampus is responsible), or with the Palace of the Sky Emperor (that’s is connected with Thalamus).

However, if these two Palaces are not manifested, then the palace of the Great Lord becomes dependant on the emotions that periodically “break through” to him by the means of impulses. In that case we can not speak about the third possibility of functioning, when the spirit starts to fill itself by means of feeding and regulation. That process is connected with internal crystallization when the body decides what to leave behind after it’s gone. This process begins in women at the age of 42 and in men at the age of 49. It is in this situation that the connection between the Palace of The Great Lord and the Palace of the Jade Emperor is very important, as it allows controlling experiences of a higher grade. At this level the Palace gets independency, rather then being dependable and only reacting to the work of existing palaces. Particularly important are connections with the Palace of The Sacral Cave (situated between the centre and the nape of the head, where the prenatal code of behaviour of a human lays) and with the Palace of Moving Pearl (nape parts of the hemisphere) that controls the energy input to the brain.

Thus, the Palace of The Great Lord that is situated in the frontal lobes is a kind of a projector of our brain, whose development determines weather we will serve the brain (reactions), or weather we learn to develop and manage the brain. Additionally, the correct development of this Palace is important for reaching proportions and proportionality and, consequently, for muscle building (the majority of mass) and also the control of its volume.

Later this Palace becomes important in understanding of special awareness, orientation, i.e. withdrawal from linear perception. Thus, in the course of our lives frontal lobes of the brain implement its work in a whole range of functions-from the lowest to the highest... But this can be prevented by violation of internal connections between this Palace with other Palaces. Usually that happens from incorrect development of the brain, when the person instead of deepening understanding of one-self, only looks at the superficial, existing on levels of reaction, loosing even elementary functions of observation and or attention- basic condition for the functioning of the brain.

If a weakening of The Palace of The Great Lord happens, then the geometry is disturbed not only in the Palace but throughout the whole brain. This in turn leads to a disruption of the frontal lobes proportion-the state of the six level pyramid. What is that state? There are six rooms in the Palace and each of them has its own frequency-dependant characteristics. The rooms are situated in a pyramid shaped manner and from the base to the top are directed at the area of the Palace of The Jade Emperor. The more superficial steps are organised more in relation to each other rather then the deeper ones that depend on the higher frequencies coming from the Palace of The Jade Emperor.

This tells that this particular Palace is more directed on development of the brain and connection and orientation in space, then at taking part in primitive life functions of the organism at the level of some desires. It is directed at felt through experiences and not basic sensations. The extent to which this development will be switched into the biological, biochemical and energetic processes, expanding capabilities of the whole brain depends on the individual. It particularly depends on the individuals understanding of rhythm, and in the rhythm acquiring its physical quantity in him or her.

An important function of The Palace is the control over unnecessary disruption in efforts because the Palace is not influenced by the efforts coming from the body, i.e. the Palace is not reaction based, but at the same time it is constantly in the rhythm with biochemical and energetic tasks, maintaining a specific, almost constant level of tension that changes only because of the overall reading of the energetic activity of the body and our energy integration in the energy of the environment.

It is important not to pay attention to this Palace before 30 years of age, otherwise we will sink into an addiction to information, that can not be yet transformed because of the basic energy, chi energy domination. In short, before 30 one should only sustain the geometry of the Palace and understand its importance for the future. If you are over 30, then you should understand how the Palace, the frontal lobes function. The first indication is your psychological state, the ability to sustain an aim and to follow through with the given direction. If in the thoughts and actions there is chaos then that's the first sign of a dysfunction or deterioration of the Palace of The Great Lord. Thus one can consider an increased internal effort in the frontal lobes and its core as crumbling of the Palace as well, as it is an unstable connection with other parts of the brain.

If any part of the brain starts to live its own separate life, then it leads to the loss of this particular resource and consequently to a decrease of thinking capabilities of the brain, inability to concentrate and consciously manage different processes. This means incorrect development of the brain (or lack of development) and particularly of this given Palace significantly lowers the intellectuality and the importance of human understanding of own development, obstructing the way to orientation towards higher experiences.

In case of life to an unnatural rhythm it's hard for the brain to put itself against the pressures of the environment without normal functioning of this Palace. The frontal layer of the geometry of the Palace starts to crumble and deform becoming a chaotic (reflex-based) state of mind where the anatomy of the spirit is disrupted.

Thus, the Palace work must be regulated; otherwise it reaches a state where it rejects its inner connections starting to independently generate internal impulses that come from the cortex of the brain to which other parts of the brain react. This brings enough chaos to the works of consciousness, disturbing attention of an individual, bringing him to a state of stupidity that holds a build up of impressions made by chance, and so the brain begins to be dependant on them. Additionally a problem of energy circulation along the channels arises, its backward circulation and as consequence the nourishment of feelings, the geometry of feelings is disrupted.

The Palace of the Great Lord is somewhat a ruler of our time machine that group’s the positive and the negative-it allows to twist time and space that is the physical understanding of a single measure of rhythm. It allows control of excess of the positive (overdevelopment of consciousness) or of the negative (underdevelopment of
Consciousness), leading to a decrease of the influence of the energetic horizon. Obviously all this is only relevant in case of building the geometry of the brain correctly.

Our capability of understanding the area of godly, the teosphere, depends on the correct management of the work of the Palace. Without that experience we will become dependant on hierarchal information which qualities range from common literature, to philosophical output. And that is the best case scenario.

A lot of the teachings subconsciously develop this Palace offering their models of its development. They create hierarchies of growth and development, even giving indications to limitations, for example, like an American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg with his idea of moral development. Or to take an American feminist Carol Gilligan that tried to show the mechanism of interaction between men and women, but in essence was showing the method.

Everyone is missing the most important thing-self-development based on physiology. This is a sort of "head on" attack, but without any geometrical connection. Thus, ofcourse the analysis here can not be full, because what people say is one thing, and what their auditory hears is a another thing. Along the line I would point out an idea lost in the XX century about “growing" music suggested by a composer Werner Henze. This is to say, a characteristic example of the work of the Palace of the Great Lord, where from one point there is a subject, and from another algorithm of its growing. But this type of work comes from transitional connections rather then from a systematically building model of development. Or to take a Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and his ideal idea of stage developing psyche. Is it possible to integrate it in the modern human being? Yes, but only under the condition of increasing his concentration, i.e. changing the tension in the brain. Here we meet a problem of energetic supply of this tension, and so we observe interesting possibilities of an individuals thought process without the physiological, therefore controlled connection.

Well, these kinds of attempts were examples of works of a German philosopher Juring Hombermas, but the problem is that he tried to do it at a level of super conscious experiences based on transcendence, where again for him, the experience s more important then getting there. This is knowledge without the ability to co-experience, that either way will lead to a theory of conflict, well described by psychoanalyst Erick Homburger Erickson. But any conflict is mini-schizophrenia, because the connection of sense is disrupted. You could say that a person who does not have the ability to operate the frontal lobes in a certain respect is a schizophrenic (in connection to this the works of on Italian psychiatrist Silvano Arietti are quite interesting)

All of the individuals from the XX century mentioned above in their works have expressed the transitional stage of existence of the frontal lobes when the rhythm of existence of the human still connected him with the nature and some sort of naturalness. in essence, they were the last to show an analysis in conditions of rhythm, where the operation of our brain was a natural process 9 today that is already unavailable to the consciousness). And we don’t even get to talk about the geometrical base of the structure of consciousness, going back to the times of
Gnostic traditions of  Plato.

This way, grouping the materials by the means of the frontal lobes of the Palace of The Great Lord is potentially a situation of overdevelopment of Chi energy; that’s why it should be linked with the Palace of The Cinnabar Field (to the centre of the head).Each part of the brain has its qualities, and these qualities determine the experiences. Experiences can be brought by life activities, and then we are talking about bio-experiences. They can also be brought by the "supermind" and then we are talking about experiences of the noosphere. But even if one or another Palace is not working, regardless, we are in dependency of lower or higher forms of experiences.

This is where the problem lyes: one type of experiences cannot agree with the other type of experiences. They can only overripe-one from the other. Otherwise we go into the conditions of simple associations, depending on external objects and influences, to which the Palace of The Great Lord reacts. Here, one of the scariest illnesses of the human kind is born-delaying ones actions, putting things aside to do at another time. The matter of fact is that consciousness by that time can not operate the information, and simply can not cope with it. This leads to the loss of principal of sequence, and as a result of that to a loss of correspondence to the rhythm.

Further, the orientation and ability of defining choice is lost. The choice itself expands, but the knowledge of how to choose and the orientation in choice is lost or disrupted. After, the orientation in events is disturbed and dependency on those who create reactions is created. And, if in this case the person still has enough energy he goes  into a state of preservation when the consciousness is trying to base itself on some sort of conscious connections and even persuades ( not only itself but others as well) it's own system of principals, or to say more correctly of "unprincipalness".
The brain blocks itself out and gets stuck in the geometry of actions that provide at least some sort of energy circulation. And this by the way what brought humans to this drowning idea of an existing aim, that millions are put on like meat on skewers.

So what I am saying is that humanity is increasing its actions and the most dangerous, is increasing a new type of reaction-delay. By this the everyday effort is not exploited, and the brain gets exploited. A human is left only with assumptions or reactions to others, getting away from the internal problems of the present. It’s as if a human is injecting himself with a substance, which he starts to be dependant on. After that it's useless to do anything-hospitalization is needed.

And all these states "hang" in the Palace of the Great Lord under the condition that its geometry is not broken. In case of this palace ceasing to function a human becomes absolutely dependant on the Palace The Sacred Cave (i.e. of characteristics given when born), that uses the person, taking away the last of the human will. And human will is a form of will where a conscious effort is present, otherwise it is animal will.
As a rule, today people still keep their ability to develop at the age of 35-40, but within two years that figure becomes twice as small. That is connected with the parameters of frequencies that modern people are born into. Mindless birth of people, absence off building them into a correct geometry of development is a drowning model for any government.

The Palace itself takes away the persons personal experience if its geometry is disrupted and it takes connections to consciousness and activity with it. And even the process of physical ripening without orientation and necessary knowledge and method, have an accidental character. That means that the accidental mindful or godly experience is lost and goes because there are no conditions to digest and take it in.

Obviously, the last mentioned experience is present in the above standing in any case, but not visa versa (with exceptions of accidental happenings). The Science of experiences of all levels and orders relates to governing of this Palace. And the most significant function of the Palace of The Great Lord is the ability to determine the mutual influence of higher and lower. It is very important understand the interactions of the higher and the lower, rather then understanding the lower and the higher separately.

Every centre becomes like that, if a mutual influence on the level of effort in gathering and opening is present, leading to the understanding of higher and lower. The lower here is not regarded as an opposition but rather as an additional filling. And depending on qualities the highest can be both opening and collecting. This in particular holds the understanding of wholeness and is the special feature of the given Palace.

This Palace is itself a principle of the highest level of organisation-not only of our consciousness but also of all processes in our body. It is formed in any educated person as a kind of informational base. However, without the Palace of the cinnabar field it becomes an ideological model, as it is capable to structurize information, and in essence making the mind except a model that is formed from the development of personal qualities of a human, but not thought through by him.

All models that were suggested by these or those great individuals come from a possibility of structurisation, where the experience was changed by effects-those are structurized informational fields, that create certain desires and subsequently dependency, where form dominates over axis. And exactly here we need the Palace of the Highest Truth that helps to avoid the dependency from imperfect but strong systems, helps to come away from signalling to thoughtfulness.

If the works of the Palace of the Cinnabar field are also absent, then we can’t process  this structirization in any other depth or volume (there is no centre of conscious effort); that creates a certain aggressive form of protection of own sensations. Incorrect development leads to overdevelopment of the Small, that starts to dominate first over a particular person, and then over his surroundings.

Here it is enough of simple overlapping of personal quality, coming from a dependency from energetical structure, giving energy and of overdeveloped volume, that becomes the ideological model of existence of the given energy, and in this model a struggle between unregulated energies creates chaos in behaviour. In this state all human life is not only aimless, but is also devoid of growing of human meaningfull conscious recourse.

This way we have three objectives arising: first is the nourishment of the frontal lobes, i.e. finding different types of nourishment capable of supporting the geometry of the Palace. Second -realisation of the Palace as an independent and important unit in our organism. And third, the understanding of the connection between the Palace of the Jade Emperor (tolamus) and the Palace of the Cinnabar Field (centre of the brain).

An important element here is to understand how to nurture the frontal lobes. The only suitable products for this can be either crystal essences or energies that are on a certain frequency. For the reason that this Palace works on a lot of temporary tasks, the nourishment is important, otherwise it starts to close in on itself, on its own resource and depletion follows. It’s as if one of the programs in the brain is removed and so the structure is violated.

We can’t talk about a person being able to move consciously in this state of being, or being able to determine objectives properly. And most importantly- to be in a stable state of consciousness that provides for the Palace of The Great Emperor. Frontal lobes constantly vibrate in a particular frequency and are dependant on energy and structure. Even if the structure of the palace is being destroyed, it still relies on this crumbled energy withdrawing from interaction with other parts of the brain. The person simply becomes stupid.

For a real development of the brain an internal synchronisation between all parts is crucial. Also the synchronisation of the Frontal Lobes themselves is important. The centre of the brain finds a kind of focus in the form of the frontal lobes.

We have a serious pressure on the part of this Palace in synchronising the left and the right side of the brain in the absence of the centre of the brain, i.e. it influences the horizontal synchronisation via thalamic nuclea. And, respectively, paired organs that already depend on the horizontal synchronisation, determine the reaction on a particular sound (so the ears are dependant on the Palace of the Great Lord). In a vertical synchronisation the pair is the eyes (the Palace of the Cinnabar field is responsible for them).

Here we touch on an important aspect of brain functioning when it starts to need a spiritual food input and is less dependant on the Chi energy. The condition of synchronisation entails an ideology of existence. Roughly speaking the brain demands food in the form of certain sound, light, colours, etc

If there is no synchronization then it becomes dependant on basic nutrition, rough food and transition from conscious to an unconscious state happens. A spiritual malady comes.  Characteristic signs of dysfunctions in synchronisation in the frontal lobes are apathy, depression and even flat way of thinking. The innate formula of happiness is disturbed from both suppression and uncontrolled filling of the brain.

Thus, the Palace of the Great Lord is very dangerous under conditions of incorrect organisation of work at other inner Palaces as it leads to an overall loss of harmony in the brain. Not only it suppresses the will of the brain and makes a person obsessed with ideas, but it also gives him the power to persuade them.  That is like an obsession of the highest grade, differing from obsessions of the lower grade (connected with the Palace of the Sacral Cave) that influence on simplified or structurally alike consciousnesses.

In order to understand these arguments, one must understand the difference between depth, width and length. Here we have the most important daoist concept of “compasses and triangle”. Compasses shows and is a measurer of shape, and triangle of depth, i.e. of the angle of development of the form. If it is not big enough, then it has no depth. This means that the value of size should match the angle of twist. If the person develops the Palace from the position of size, then he looses the angle of twist. And then the big size creates big problems.

In fact, here we come to the concept of three kinds of depths of the Palace: the depth of Chi, Jing and Shen depth. Each of these structures has 3 more types of depths. Thus, the Palace of the Great Lord has 9 types of depths. If we only fill it in with information, then this can be considered the depth of the first magnitude. That is depth of Chi-Chi, Chi-Jing and Chi-Shen (three primary energies), and depth Chi-Shen is exactly what becomes that ideological model that can dominate over all other shallow consciousness (minds). If to assume that 70% of the population is at a depth of consciousness  ( from the position of the Palace of the great Lord ) of Chi-Chi and Chi –Jing, then we can see how easy a person with the depth of Chi-Shen can manipulate them, thus by doing so one also manipulates himself.

The more depth, the less space is needed. The Question of the volume is a question of orientation. Only a Palace with balanced depth represents true orientation.

Orientation of each Palace is the most significant condition for the connection of the spirit with the Palace. Only a correctly orientated Palace is able to nourish the spirit. In fact, here we are talking about the concepts of horizontal and vertical depths. In the first case a chi exchange happens, in the second-nourishment of shen. In this sense a developed mind is looked upon above the concept of life itself.

Developed mind is a defined quality of existence in life that leads to a special quality of experience- to growth of spirit. But the mind is self –sufficient and that is the danger. Given the experience of filling and delight by the mind we start to depend on it, and it becomes our ruler. From the vertical building we turn to its horizontal building. So a great art is the one that not only develops the knowledge, but also weighs it.

Thus the development of the Palace of The Great Lord is determined by our intellectual tasks, where knowledge should have orientation that is application.


30 may 2011

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