First Law of Education – Do Not Disturb

When a person comes to you to practice firstly you should consider – do you need him in your practices? Maybe it’s best to advise him to go to another group, to prepare, and then come to you… Maybe he should go to study Capoeira or somewhere else? Do you think that if a person came to your group it is necessary for you to deal with him? On the contrarily, it is your responsibility before the person to see, what he needs at that point of time. Maybe someone came to Capoeira but his brains are not working and you should send him to an instructor of a different direction. A lot of other directions exist, for example dance… First overview the situation before concluding that that person is suitable for your group.

When a person asks a question where and with whom he should practice it is necessary to determine his interests what he practiced before and then start further recommendations. If you are teaching in INBI, it is absolutely unnecessary to recommend INBI in particular. A person should always have a choice.

It is important to correctly prepare a person. If you see that you can not prepare him, then not only will he not develop, he might quit practices all together if he attends your class. The worst thing that could happen is when we are not just unable to develop a person, but when we also rejected him from practices and development.

On the first stage it is ideal for people to practice two – three different programs simultaneously. In conditions of each practice a person is not able to find solutions to all questions and somewhere a person won’t be able to develop properly one’s mind, somewhere one’s own body. Your own composure is very important. Thus for those teaching women it is important to develop female characteristics, keep gentleness, elegancy, to look after the way they dress in practice. Because one thing is development, and another – positioning oneself in the society. The idea of development should form from the inside and not from the outside. There should be no promotion – you don’t have to cause a reaction. It is important that the practitioners wouldn’t tell others that which they don’t understand themselves. Otherwise a practicing person can not perfect the space around oneself that appears as people that one cooperates with. Do not mix development of a human with servicing one.


15 february 2011

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