Structure of Daoist Body

Daoist body is a term identifying a body of a human that developed an ability to support oneself with Jing energy and also created conditions of spirit Shen formation in the process of one’s practices:

  • Qi – linear energy (mortal)
  • Jing – energy of the form (geometrical figure)
  • Shen – crystal energy (energy holding the form, immortal energy)

Structure of Daoist Body

Structure of Daoist body is an acknowledged process of interaction between microcosm and macrocosm by a scheme “Sky – Earth – Human”, or in a scheme of efforts that formed the nature of the human.
In this scheme:

  • Earth is the form
  • Human is the measure
  • Sky is correspondence, where one of the 13 structurizations is taken as the foundation that creates our space that divides by frequencies and characteristics.

The foundation for understanding and learning about the body itself is the measure, size and space that penetrate all the teachings about Daoist body.

Teaching about the Oneness, or teaching about energy (Tai yi)

Teaching about the Oneness or teaching about the energy is an understanding of different resonating frequency characteristics of energies where the body can be and develop.

The teaching about filling

The concept of filling of the body, vessels, and systems of the body is included in the acknowledgement of daoist body from the position of filling. Here we also look at primary systems of filling - the circulatory and muscular systems.

Before acknowledging the body from the position of axis or proportion one must acknowledge it from the position of filling, i.e. from the position of the state of being. The filling of the body is determined by the pre-natal nature of the human, ones life rhythm (post-natal nature). That is exactly the moment that determines the behaviour of a person by nature of his birth and nature of residing.

Here a big role is played by the intensity of birth - what system was initially tensed, meaning was first filled. It forms the persons breath, and the breath forms nutrition. It commands the human’s actions and determines his filling, sense of residence and as a consequence the dependence on them.

Teaching of proportion

Here we examine systems of the body-muscular and bone.

Daoist Body iss the first of all a structure that determines the energy circulation in a human. The understanding of proportion is not only identification of qualities of one or another human, but an ability to transform the growth of life force.

Proportion is a given condition of the body that produces one of the eight efforts (combinational parameters), able to transform our body. No matter what a human is like, he is dependant on a scheme, a matrix of own identification code that is connected with a proportional form. Her size can be big or small, but it is the oneness that determines course of events in human life. The weaker the proportion, the less liveliness the human possesses.

Teaching about Axis

Here we look at these systems of the body - tendons and skin.

It is an understanding of the angle of circulation of all types of energies where we have three angles of Qi circulation, three angles of Jing circulation and three angles of Shen energy circulation. This allows us to acknowledge the breaking point of the energy and as a sequence the fusing of the physical body into an energetical, i.e. the question of reaching immortality.

In essence this is what crated the daoist medicine that differs from the Chinese medicine which works with the temporary, mortal body and heals only that.


18 april 2011

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