Body Parts

Originally a human body is one whole mechanism that relies on specific rhythm of breathing (put there by innate internal proportion of a human that is a measure of breathing) and a specific measure of movement (coming from external proportions that are regulated by hands, legs, head and tummy-single source of nutrition).

Both proportions determine energy circulation in the body that consists of conditions of pressure in the tendons forming the concept of meridians and muscle tension. As the biggest part of our body that regulates the energy movement along all systems of the body (an average person only feels blood movement). And this, we can say, is the “natural state” a person that stays until 3-4 years old.

Afterwards, if the rhythm of development is not sustained, it is disrupted, and the body falls apart into different pieces. The dominating emotions enlarge the internal organs that start to dominate over everything else. Development of different muscle groups increase relying in sides and side preference, tightening or shutting the access of one body part to the other.

In this state the brain is not in a condition to control the body or itself, which results in dependency on the most developed parts of the body that pump through more energy then others. In this way the person becomes dependant on the right hand, left buttock, etc, i.e. from that which is mostly used and provides most tension for him. The overall picture of space and existence is disrupted because a person is not whole no more. The proportion, figure, and volume of the person are disrupted.

The loss of the volume seizes the opportunity to sufficiently refine energetical processes of a human, and he falls into mode of partially satisfying himself with what he can where he can still refine his own state. Having these pleasant and satisfying sensations he obviously becomes dependant on them. Just like that, year after year, a person only worsens own state,as he gets used to the depending on sensations, which have no alternative, as the constitution of the body and energy movement create different psychological forms of consciousness.

Thus, we have a situation where the form in not created by the person, but by the construction of the body. As a result all these forms easily change and get exchanged. That happens until the moment when the energy source runs out (at 28 in women and 32 in men, i.e. men’s body grows a little longer). After that the source of energy can be only that what is. And what is there?

The most interesting part starts here. All humans life starts to be orientated on higher streams when it’s not the volume of energy is important, but the quality. Further on a human continues to live only by means of refining this energy and starts to do all sorts of perversions to get that more refined energy. And roughly speaking, if until 32 for a man the volume of the energy that is given to him for building is enough, then after coming of that age, the important thing becomes what he can squeeze out from the energy that he has left. A question arises, not “how much”, not “what “, but thanks to what”, what parts of the body can “spray out the fuel” for a person? And then the dependency on those parts of the body multiplies. Same emotions, feelings, tastes and movements, repeatedly done throughout life start to nourish the body.

Seemingly, what is so bad? Obviously nothing, except one thing:  instead of directing this energy towards transferring and nourishing the spirit (that in daoist body is taken as a single unit of measurement of structure), a person spends it on everyday functions. Also with that the internal synchronisation of energy movement is disturbed on levels of better quality forms, i.e. it doesn’t even circulate in the body, it’s splashing from side to side.

The speed of energy movement increases and the human consciousness becomes unable to operate it normally. Energy doesn’t come and go naturally, but instead it is thrown by impulses.

Of course here we could talk about different structures within a human being and identify different possibilities and readings, however, whatever advantages one person has comparing to another, on the level of high frequency vibrations all are levelled and therefore the body mind and energy that have not gained knowledge of the measure, either way will be disorientated regardless of the initially given.

The most important is the question of proportion because that allows the person to acknowledge the internal measure that is the condition for the correct movement in space. If our body is not ready to correctly move through space then it lose orientation and doesn’t let the mind concentrate by that destroying it. Movement takes up a lot of time in human life, and all that time on an energetical level we direct it on destroying the mind.

As a result, a person operates parts of the brain only, and not the brain as a whole, because with disturbance of proportion and direction of the body to parts the geometry of the brain itself is also disrupted.

20 june 2011

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