Knowledge Should Be Higher Than Us

Often practitioners rely on a person, a human. This should be analysed. We should understand that knowledge should always be higher than us. It doesn’t matter how we call this knowledge – Daoist yoga, belly dance, or something else. The task and principals are all the same everywhere. Because the body is the same, the head is the same, and the space is the same. The only difference is the rhythm and the frequency of the place. It’s incorrect when someone starts to point out their direction. It is natural that everyone can express themselves better in their direction, but nonetheless nobody’s changing the laws of development. What’s important is that everyone’s united by consciousness and for consciousness one doesn’t need anything except consciousness.

It’s not important how your body and even energy works it the consciousness is not working. What’s the point of energy if the minds can’t do anything with it! Perfection of the mind is the way of The Knowledge. Do not mix up the ways of the Warrior, the Magician and the way of The Knowledge, where you are constantly in a laboratory and nothing can be higher for you then that laboratory. Every day perfecting ourselves on the way of The Knowledge we also multiply the experience of being on this path. As a result we come to awareness of the method. There is nothing higher for a human then a method framed in knowledge.

Interest towards life can only come from the capabilities of our consciousness, and not from having energy. We need energy to sustain consciousness and so that afterwards consciousness could transform that energy. It is a very long and very complicated way of achievement.

We shouldn’t forget that often we don’t learn how to even observe to a proper degree. What does it mean to observe? It is to hold something in time. For example, listening to music we cannot engage ourselves in attention. Observation guides us to attention, attention – to centralization, and centralization –is already an opportunity to direct power because we can really distribute the conditions of our existence physically, energetically and mentally. After that an opportunity to concentrate appears, i.e. to deepen in centralization, to be deeper and finer in understanding of own nature and also surrounding nature that only later brings to awareness.

Awareness  what people call seeing. For people who has the seeing ability it does not exist because concentration and centralization are absent, and they are a kind of hand – over point that says things that they themselves don’t understand. Awareness  already a way of deeper perception of the world. This is a proof that knowledge is higher than us.

Own awareness has attention, observation, centralization of awareness, concentration. All these states are characterised by different experiences. When a person observes and is aware it is one experience, and when he is attentive and he is aware – it’s different. What is “to be attentive”? It is a state when a person is able to perceive a thought. An observing person is not able to perceive a thought; he is only able to listen.

Why do we teach people to observe? So the human could listen. If he begins to listen then you can bring something before him, and if you can bring something before him, then he can be attentive. Meaning, he already begins to receive a certain beginning of The Knowledge and not just information. If a person does not know how to listen, then he will never be able to become aware in understanding The Knowledge. A non – observant person exists outside of knowledge, he just heard something. Those who take knowledge from us are applicants but not users. They cannot use this knowledge. We should pay attention to what the human asks, how and for what. A human should observe. Before, on a certain stage, I had a position of not telling anything to nobody and to simply demonstrate by personal example. For example, I would come and wash the floor myself, to demonstrate myself how to practice, how one should relate to things. But one time I turned around to the hall and realised that nobody cares about that. So it appeared that I picked a language of communication at that moment that wasn’t useful not for me, not for people. People can’t observe, even don’t understand why someone behaves in some way, that’s why it’s important to teach people to cooperate with space.

We should all first learn to respect space where we are and perfecting ourselves and then start to deal with ourselves. Space doesn’t have a physical size, it has energetic size, and it is very important to understand that. If we are not learning how to build ourselves in space, then we will never be able to have our own space.


15 february 2011

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