«For the people today is not important, what they will hide behind: a movie or a song, work, life routines. They hide behind anything that can can kill the time. If there's no time, there is no danger. And by the way, for this they are willing to pay big money.» (Researcher)

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Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.


Online workshop

Taiji Quan. Great Knowledge ground in a mortar

6—27 February

Taijiquan( Tai Chi Chuan) is the art of energy cultivation and inner transformation, formed by Daoist immortal Zhang Sanfeng. This knowledge creates the foundation for Laojia form, which, thanks to the Chen family, has been preserved. However, the realization of 13 formulas for developing body geometry has vanished from modern practice.

Online workshop

The Body Palaces

6—20 February

The doctrine of the Palaces is an ancient knowledge centered around integral alchemy method. Based on this knowledge, certain areas of the body were considered to have high vibration characteristics. Therefore, the structure of the body was represented by the concept of Temple which is composed of different Palaces. This knowledge originated from Vedic medicine and was brought into the Khmer Empire.

Live talk with the master

Lack of energy. How can I recharge my energy level?

14 February | 13:00 MSK

You have a unique opportunity to ask Master Chom questions concerning modern lifestyle: how to restore vitality, and to feel energetic despite all the circumstances outside, how to cope with the present conditions of life.

Offline workshop

Development of Turtle breathing

27—28 February

The development of Turtle breathing is an essential practice in Daoist alchemy. This practice helps to understand inner breathing as a source of jing energy. It is an alchemical process associated with the transformation of energy and the nourishment of the brain.

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Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Integral Fragrance TCH 13 is a scent that breaks down everyday mundanity. It is the rhythm of the ultimate context, moving you from the mundanity to an alchemical world of existence

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

The Integral Cinnabar Essence “Cn1” is a special-purpose product. This essence is produced in limited quantities and is intended for anyone interested in or practicing alchemy.