Program: “Ethereal city Atlanid”

Date: 26/08/2017 — 28/08/2017
Address: Vladivostok

“Ethereal city Atlanid” is a unique program for the restoration of the Macrocosm's DNA. It will be held in a special place within Primorsky Krai.

All participants will receive high-frequency resonators for connection with the Macrocosm's consciousness.

Terms of participation

  • The program includes a visit to the inner regions of Primorsky Krai. Participation requires mandatory pre-registration and approval. Please, register as early as possible, by submitting your request via the website form!
  • Registration closes on Augist 1, 2017.


200 euro

  • Registration is validated by a non-refundable and non-transferable €50 deposit.
  • Price includes two high-frequency resonators.
  • Accomodation, meals and transfers are not included in the price.

Additional information

Ekaterina Klimenok: +7(914) 799-67-49, write a letter


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