Online workshop «Taiji Quan. Great Knowledge ground in a mortar» [online]

Date: 27/02/2021
Address: ZOOM

Taijiquan( Tai Chi Chuan) is the art of energy cultivation and inner transformation, formed by Daoist immortal Zhang Sanfeng. This knowledge creates the foundation for Laojia form, which, thanks to the Chen family, has been preserved. However, the realization of 13 formulas for developing body geometry has vanished from modern practice.


  • For the practice you would need 2 m of space around you.
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13 formulas for developing body geometry

Being in a human body means being given the chance to cultivate the highest harmony. This harmony finds its origin in the rules of proportion and geometry. In Taoist and Buddhist terms, this knowledge was referred to as brocade.Thus, thirteen formulas to develop the geometry of the body can be described as thirteen pieces of brocade that hide the laws of movement and stability (or rather, the combination of them). They define the path of Heaven and establish the path of the Earth, but also substantiate the path of Man.

Thirteen formulas allow us to step from taiji (duality) to taiji tu ( to the one) and then to the infinite.

Great knowledge  ground in a mortar

“Great knowledge is ground in a mortar,” or “Diamond power is pounding in a mortar,” are the names of the first formula in Tai Chi Chuan of the Thirteen Forms. It generates the first position for the construction of the body geometry. In this position, we are practicing five directions of effort (Winding the Silk Thread) and the gathering force in the center (Pestle). The first form means literally "support and freedom from the clutter in order to be filled with inner strength." The name of this formula is Jing Gang (金刚), which symbolizes inner strength, embodying both firmness and penetration. This name carries a sacred meaning in the form of a spell, sealing energy inside and means something majestic and fulfilling.

Inner effort nourishes the form

At this stage of the practice, we start with the preparation for gathering power. One (foundation) gives rise to two (concentration of effort), which forms knowledge about centering in the center of your abdomen (center of a stupa). This process initiates the formation of the center for beginners or its improvement for the advanced. A "round outside and square inside" form is being developed, which hides the image of a dragon lying in the depths, since this is not the time for active action. The secret of the formula lies in building the measurement of the movement.

Great immersion

Great Immersion keeps the inner strength at rest and controls the movement. When the lower back is loose, the upper and lower body moves easily. To realize a movement like a spiral, we'll need to consider Great Immersion, since without this it is impossible to wind and unwind the energy in the hands and feet.

Great immersion also maintains the correct position of the vessels of the legs and arms, which is necessary for the regeneration of energy. If our hands and feet lose contact with the body, then neither the return of energy, nor its conservation is possible. Great Immersion means constant interaction with circulating energy.
Sealing the four directions

To direct and draw energy, it is important to be able to sense the inner orientation within the body. The crown, the feet, the hands direct our movement, control the circulation of energy through the body and simultaneously absorb energy. The energy in our body should flow in four directions so that we can control its volume and maintain the necessary proportion.

Gathering the Unity

In the beginning, we need to develop a formula for accumulating The One, since it is the most significant in constructing the geometry of position and movement. We need to cultivate the ability to keep the inner essence in the depth of the center of the body - the essence generated by the mind, heart (harmony) and only then by the body itself. Gathering the Unity  is a formula for the long-term cultivation, and it is extremely important to pay attention to it in the beginning. Once this result is achieved, the movements become tightly grouped, and the spirit becomes condensed. If the movements are scattered, the spirit does not feed and weakens.

Celestial  touch

Celestial Touch is a formula that applies to the five formulas of the Earth and the six transformations of Heaven and is the basis of the Perfect Man. It is from here that the Jade stalk begins to grow - the axis that unites the nature of the Earth and Heaven and subsequently develops into the highest source of knowledge and achievement of immortality. It what made Zhang Sanfeng an immortal.

The heavenly touch is what rests on the created unity and forms the axis. What is also called the entrance to the spiritual level. From this moment on, our jing energy cannot overturn and flow out.


Date Moscow time
6, 13, 20 February (Saturday) 08:30—09:30
7, 14 February (Sunday) 16:00—17:00
21 February (Sunday) 07:00—08:00


6 February:  «13 Formulas for developing body geometry» 500
One practical day 2000
The whole program 9000
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