Pilgrimage to the Sun. Initiation of Children of the Sun

Date: 21/06/2013 — 30/06/2013
Address: Peru
Projects: ALQUIMIA Travel

Unique mystical tour in Peru, created by Ben Chelero and Marcelo Plotnik. Directed by Marcelo Plotnik.

Three steps of initiation, "Children of the Sun in the Andean Cosmovision"


Level One. Underworld. Snake.

Flight of Ayahuasca. At the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and the ritual preparation for the trip back to the snake. GCAP Master Benko we travel in the frequencies of flavors. Medicinal drugs from the jungle in the hands of community Jaguar. Clean the inside of the body in preparation for the change in the frequency and density of the body. Sacred world of water. Dance with the pink dolphins in the Amazon.

Level Two. World Pacha Mama. Cougar.

Drop your head and surrender monkey tradition of the Andes. Working with the physical body. Work with exercise and rubbing of the skin.External crystals for the use of force Pachamama. Go through the heart of Machu Picchu, the ritual visit to the princess. The path to the Pachamama cougars. Crystal Sun, Inti Huatana stone. Preparing for the arrival of the heavens. Ceremony of the Sun and the New Year.

Level Three. Peace of heaven. Sun and Condor.

Birth of the Sun on the border of Machu Picchu. Evening ritual, visit the land Condor. Working with vibration and sound. Sealing frequency.


June 21

Arrival in Iquitos. Transfer by boat to the place of accommodation. Juice diet.

June 22

Trekking in the jungle, visiting wildlife reserve on the boat. Communication with bruhosom, testing natural potions out of the jungle, working with flavors. Ayahuasca ceremony and acceptance.

June 23

Rest in the morning. Walking through the jungle, watching pink dolphins. Swimming in the Amazon.

June 24

Arrival in Cusco. Visit the market and meeting with the master silver and gold.

June 25

Arrive at Aguas Calientes (Aguas Calientes). Visiting Master crystals of power. Thermal springs. Night swimming.

June 26

Visiting Machu Picchu. The ceremony of the New Year. Visit the Temple of the Moon.

June 27

Hike, breaking camp and overnight on the outskirts of Machu Picchu.

June 28

Meeting sunrise on the mountain. Hike back.

June 29

Arrival in Cusco. Free day.

June 30


Cost of participation

US$ 2000 if registering before April 1
US$ 2500 for registration after April 1 (subject to availability).

Registration requires an advance payment of $300, non-refundable in case of non-participation.

The price includes
  • Accommodation
  • Domestic flights
  • Transfer
  • Participate in ceremonies
  • Ritual objects made of silver
  • Calabasa
  • Mate
The price does not include
  • International flights
  • Tips
  • Food



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