The Perfect One. Integral Woman Festival

Date: 21/08/2017 — 25/08/2017
Address: Vladivostok
Projects: The Perfect One

Integral woman is a festival aimed at understanding the nature of woman from the position of the macrocosmic proportion that examines woman as a mandala, a drawing, an ornament, representing the integral nature of our space.

The festival programme will cover the conditions and laws that have shaped the female nature in different cultural areas during the evolution of mankind, presenting concepts such as the tension of women, the female geometry, the rhythm of women, conforming to the finest, substitution of states, peace, poetry and aggressiveness.


Integral matrix of dance. Practice

The integral matrix of dance studies dance from the perspective of integral fields. The goal of this programme is to provide an understanding of movement, consciousness and energy from the perspective of the integral field.

Integral matrix dances are a vital educational element that can help to develop, fill and perfect the female nature.

Matrix dance of the first integral field: flamenco

Emotions, tension, feeling.

Matrix dance of the second integral field: silat.


Matrix dance of the third integral field: the rhythms of Latin-America.

Spontaneity, conforming to the finest.

Matrix dance of the fourth integral field:  Egyptian yoga.

Fluidity, proportion, harmony.

Matrix dance of the fifth integral field: Taoist dance.

Matrix dance of the sixth integral field: Gurdjieff‘s code.

Matrix dance of the seventh integral field: Tantric dance.

Matrix dance of the eighth integral field: Orphic mysteries.

Matrix dance of the ninth integral field: Celtic ritual.





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Vladivostok , ul. Krygina, d. 3, sport complex «Гавань», ethnohall


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