Workshop «Development of Turtle breathing»

Date: 27/02/2021 — 28/02/2021
Address: Santiago, Chile

The development of Turtle breathing is an essential practice in Daoist alchemy. This practice helps to understand inner breathing as a source of jing energy. It is an alchemical process associated with the transformation of energy and the nourishment of the brain.

The whole process consists of many steps, from the moment of creating the proper anatomical structure to the transformation of breathing. The foundation of the process is an algorithm that needs to be followed precisely.


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Anatomy of Turtle breathing

Understanding the anatomy of breathing helps to comprehend the process of internal development when breathing becomes a source of obtaining energy.

Xianwu Black Turtle Posture

The position of the Black Turtle Xuan Wu is the basis for the development and comprehension of the Tortoise Breathing. Proper posture constitutes an essential part when working with breathing, as it helps to recognize diaphragmatic effort.With the correct three-level posture, we can practice focused effort. It involves preparing the body and brain for transition of using respiratory muscles to the internal support of breathing.

Eliminating True Breathing Obstacles

When we begin to work with breathing, it is essential to restore breathing functions and eliminate obstacles.Removing barriers means loosening existing physical and internal blocks, caused by our routine activity.

Attuning to Jiaotu

Attunement is the brain activation process and is essential for initiating mental force. This power is attributed to the dragon Jiaotu , one of the "Nine Sons of the Dragon" from whom the Black Turtle Xuanwu learned.

During harmonization and attunement, we need to transform the twofold state of respiration (superficial-deep) into one. This involves the proper adjustment of the brain, movement, inner rhythm of the heart.
Offering to Taotie

"Offering Tao Tie" means understanding the volume of breathing. The depth of our breathing depends on outer and inner conditions. The two affect the nature of our breath, making it more superficial or profound.If we do not pay attention to the depth and volume of our breathing, then we could disturb the inner rhythm and this can activate various mental deviations. This stage of breath control indicates that respiration activates the energy that is beyond our physical body.

Quiniu Breathing rhythm

The breathing rhythm of Qiuniu is a concept associated with the process of breath refinement. With the help of six types of rhythms, we can master the level of breathing, which does not depend on external respiration.

Consciousness of breathing

Spiritualization of breath is the process of bringing the breath into line with the deep principles of development, when not the breath depends on the body, but the body on the breath. This process in the Taoist tradition represents the mythical animal Qilin. Qilin breathing is the art of directing the breath and transforming it into energy, which has the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the body.

Energy breathing

Energy breathing is a natural ability of a human, that he can understand during the stage of formation of his spirit. This process starts from the time a given molecular structure is determined, until a period of typically three to four years. In the process of practicing it, energetic respiration becomes an exclusively internal effort, capable of endowing alchemical, tortoise, and immortal respiration with specific properties. Energetic breathing is the basic condition for controlling alchemical breathing which returns the condition of the body to the original state of Shen's energy.

Turtle breathing

The art of Turtle Breathing is a practice coming from  Daoist alchemy that has now become available to practitioners. Through this exercise, we can train ourselves to become less dependent on external inhalation, creating "internal energy breathing". Slowing down the breathing helps us not only to stimulate the parasympathetic system, which means, to activate healing, recuperation, and regeneration. But also to achieve a higher state of awareness and become more conscious.


26 February 18:00—20:30
27—28 February 11:00—17:00


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15 February
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16 February
General 300 350
For participants of the Immortality project 200 300
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Location of the workshop

Santiago, Chile

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+56 9 5838 0079,


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