Live talk with the master: “Lack of energy. How can I recharge my energy level?" [online]

Date: 14/02/2021
Address: ZOOM

You have a unique opportunity to ask Master Chom questions concerning modern lifestyle: how to restore vitality, and to feel energetic despite all the circumstances outside, how to cope with the present conditions of life.

Master Chom is a person who, for many years, explores and widens the knowledge of world cultures about human development. He has created a method of personal development that is adapted for modern people. This method is a step-wise algorithm that helps to comprehend what is concentration and attention, how to cultivate the ability to learn,  to follow the path of development in present-day conditions.

Oleg Mikhailovich Cherne has been researching the legacy of ancient ethnic traditions for around 40 years, paying particular attention to Daoist practices. Masters from different traditions and people like coaches, healers, teachers, instructors come to study with him when they are looking for a way out to a new level of their personal development.

Also very often, people come into contact with Oleg after a personal or professional crisis when they are in search of a greater meaning in their life.

During the on-line conference, Oleg will respond to the most common questions he receives from students.  If your question is not on this list, then we are waiting for it!

  • How can we build up an immunity?
  • Fear of the future. How to overcome anxiety, worry, lack of sleep and the inability to relax, the feeling of fear of failure.
  • Lack of energy. How to boost it? How can you lose energy in your daily life?
  • Where can I find new resources to address current tasks and open new boundaries in my life?
  • How do I get out of my past? How can I avoid carrying my accumulated load with you?
  • Professional burnout. How can you get inspiration from your profession? Do I need to find another job?

Today, most people feel unsafe and have to make drastic decisions. Making choices requires energy and persistence.  But nearly everyone lacks resources, but not everyone is willing to look for them. Do you want to explore that? Join us during the online Q&A session.



13:00–14:00 MSK


  • We recommend to subscribe to the Dao Tantra Alchemy channel to stay updated. You can send your questions until 12th February.
  • We would like to remind that we won’t be able to provide recordings of the session.


300 RUB (3, 50 EUR)

How to participate

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  • Upon payment we will send an e-mail with a link for the conference.
  • Please check the correctness of the specified email! If email is incorrect, you will not be able to receive the login information.
  • If you have not received an email with a password to enter the conference, please check the "Spam" folder. Access can also be requested in the CHOM & INBI online telegram group: technical support by attaching a payment confirmation.
  • We kindly ask you to connect 10 minutes before the start of the conference to check the connection, sound and image.

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